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Meet our experts



For the FSS Conference 2021

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The Feng Shui Society Conference has speakers representing different countries from Europe and Worldwide. Presenting at the Feng Shui Society Conference is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge and make new friends.


Browse the information below for more information about the 2021 speakers.

Raymond Lo

Playing Sherlock Holmes with Four Pillars of Destiny

The Four Pillars of Destiny show a bundle of elements that are present at a certain moment of time.  By observing the interaction of such elements, one can retrieve objective information and details about the nature of an event.  So it can be viewed as the silent and reliable witness of any crime as long as we are certain about the timing of the event.  This talk will present  interesting examples and case studies to show the technique to analyze the four pillars  reflecting the moment when a crime occurred, so as to  find out the truth behind many mysterious incidents or unresolved crime cases.  This technique will bring the skill of Four Pillars analysis to a higher level as an effective tool for CSI.

Jin Peh

Four Pillars of Destiny: Born on the Same Day, Month and Year

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a school of Chinese Astrology that gives the Metaphysics consultant information about the person’s life, personality and favourable periods. However, it is just a part of the framework of a person’s life and not the entire picture. In this talk, the chart of prominent individuals who share the same day, month and year of birth will be compared to demonstrate the differences in their lives. Other variables such as country of birth, family and educational background and career choices will be considered to demonstrate how to use the Four Pillars system to provide a more complete understanding of a persons’ life.

Dawn Gibbins

Transforming Towns with feng shui

Dr. Dawn Gibbins MBE commissioned the first Feng Shui Survey ever to be done on a town in Great Britain which catalysed great change in her hometown of Congleton in Cheshire.  Feng Shui Surveys were done on the town, the town hall, the council chambers, the local museum and local mental health charity all glowing successes following the Feng Shui Surveys.

In this presentation, Dawn will share the story of Congleton’s Transformation over the past 10 years since the Feng Shui Survey.

Diane Shillito

Art And Its Influence On The Canvas Of Your Home.

Diane will talk about home as a canvas and the potential and language of imagery and symbolism to create possibility. In the context of Feng Shui, how do we include imagery effectively to support our lives? What is it’s cause and effect? The veiled language of art can influence perception, space and time to enhance any environment. Yet how do we select imagery when it can be a very personal choice?

Richard Ashworth

Practical Divination: Listening to the Universe.

The universe is always addressing us, whether it’s in the way the characters of a Bazi fall, the oddities inside and around a building, the Hexagrams of the Book of Changes or in more subtle ways. When I’m surveying a space or drafting a Bazi I aim to be aware of noises off, a snatch of conversation, music just within earshot, the temperature, newspaper headlines, street names. All of which will tend to tell me things I might not figure out in any rational way, If I manage to catch such signs my job can so much easier and so much more accurate.

In this talk, we will delve into the history and methodology of divination all over the world and I will illustrate the process of interpreting the waking dream with examples from 20 years of work as a feng shui man and my own life and outline how anyone may enrich their practice and indeed their life this way.

Susie Shaw  

How our homes can bring us gifts!

Our homes are living breathing spaces and sometimes we can be drawn to them to awaken us on our path or to help us develop our intuition. Susie will talk about some of the homes she has lived in and what gifts they bought to her from a Feng Shui prospective and the ones that nudged her on her spiritual path. Susie will invite you to do the same and appreciate some happy homes, perhaps view some of your homes in the past to be gifts rather than memories of challenging times. This naturally applies to our clients’ homes and it can be empowering to help them see the gifts their space can offer them.

Jan Cisek

Spiritual Feng Shui

Feng shui works on many levels, from physical to emotional to mental and to spiritual. Spiritual feng shui deals with the spiritual and transpersonal environmental aspects of individuals or organisations.

In classical and modern feng shui, humans are placed between heaven (spiritual/transpersonal/virtual) and earth (material) dimensions as part of the trinity of luck: heaven’s luck (spiritual), human luck (your skills, mindsets, beliefs, etc.) and earth luck (feng shui). Initially, when feng shui was conceived, it was considered as a spiritual discipline because it was used for sitting for burial places, so the ancestors’ spirits could rest in peace. Modern feng shui aligns itself with modern spirituality and transpersonal psychology in a holistic understanding of the interaction between environments and individuals.

Research (Koenig, 2012) suggests that when people have organised their homes or workspaces with spiritual understanding and connection, they feel better, are happier and healthier. Some of the research refers to creating sacred spaces for peace, harmony and wellness. In May 1984, the Thirty-Seven World Health Assembly adopted resolution WHA37.13, which made the ‘spiritual dimension’ part and parcel of WHO Member States’ strategies for health.

Spiritual feng shui is to help you connect with spiritual and transpersonal dimensions and realms and anchor them in your home or workplace. The function of spiritual feng shui is to remind you to balance your personal needs with your spiritual and transpersonal needs to create more connection, peace of mind as well as care and compassion.

Beverley Wood

Sweet dreams are made of this. Creating a healthy bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

 Our bedroom is the most important place in our life for supporting our health and vitality, as it is the place where our body needs to rest, repair and rejuvenate.

 This is one of the guiding principles of Building Biology, the newly emerging science of healthy buildings, which recognises how the buildings and interiors of our modern homes influence our wellbeing. It offers new solutions for creating a healthy living environment.

 We will look at the ways you and your family can make your bedrooms into spaces that support your health and help you get a good night’s sleep.

 From your bed, your mattress and bed linens, to lighting, land energies, and electromagnetic fields, this will be an essential and enlightening review of everything within your bedroom.