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Meet our experts



For the FSS Conference 2022

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The Feng Shui Society Conference has speakers representing different countries from Europe and Worldwide. Presenting at the Feng Shui Society Conference is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge and make new friends.


Browse the information below for more information about the 2022 speakers.

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Alexandra Berthault

Uplifting The Energy of Your Home with Flying Stars Feng Shui

Alexandra will talk about how you can transform your home into a welcoming and supporting heaven through the benefits of the Flying Stars system in 2022.

I will talk about what are the sectors to activate and the sectors to remedy or neutralise the effects of certain annual stars. How does the Flying Stars relate to other Feng Shui aspects and how to bring the positive in most situations. I will focus on topics such as health, relationships, and career.

Bring your floorplan with you!

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David Furlong

The Archetypes and the Bagua – Exploring the Intuitive Balancing of Home Energies

This experiential talk will explain the universal  archetypal patterns behind the bagua that can be seen reflected in other mythologies and traditions. It will go on to show how we can intuitively use these overlighting principals to balance the energies of our home.

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Amanda Kenton

Smart Technology: Is it as Safe as we Think?

We are constantly told that this technology will be “revolutionary and transform our lives”.

5G and wireless technologies are rapidly expanding on a global level — without risk assessments having been carried out or the public being made aware of the potential harms. And this is despite tens of thousands of peer-reviewed, independent scientific studies that indicate links between radio-frequency radiation (RFR) and rising levels of modern illnesses, including cancer and various neurological disorders, as well as adverse effects on wildlife.

Amanda Kenton is one of the decision makers in the organisation ‘Safe Tech International’, a voluntary association of individuals from around the world who have come together in an effort to support, encourage and help grow the safe technology movement and to encourage public participation in envisioning and ensuring a future that respects and protects all life.

Relying on evidence-based information, their vision is to start a dialogue about wiser and more balanced technology options for a safer and more life-affirming future. Find out more and discover simple actions you can take to implement better solutions in your home and in your community.

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Edel Cleary

Talk Title “A Place to Call Home; Feng Shui Design for Design Connection and Belonging”

Our surroundings are like our outer skin; we are in constant conversation with them. Depending on how conscious or unconscious we are about that relationship, our environments may be supporting our energy or may in fact, be a source of stress. Edel works with her clients to connect more deeply with the energy of their surroundings, aiding them in creating supportive, uplifting and healthier environments in which to work, rest and enjoy life.

In this talk based on her recently published book “ A place to Call Home” Edel teases apart the theory to uncover the practical and very accessible ways to deeply connect to our own innate sense of what home means for each of us, our perfectly unique expression. Blending feng shui, living in harmony with nature with modern interior design as the way to cultivate a space where you can be you – a place that truly feels like home.

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Ryan Terren

Cultivating Qi Gong for a Feng Shui practice

Ryan will lead a taster Qi Gong training session, and give a short presentation on how Feng Shui and Qi Gong intersect in his own practice.  For those who wish to start to build – or further – a Qi Gong practice

Qi Gong is a powerful form of self cultivation that originates in the Daoist and Buddhist traditions of Ancient China. Its methods aim to clear and regulate the energy body to optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Feng Shui is, of course, a synonymous process – working with the energetics of a building to improve the lives of its occupants. For the Feng Shui consultant, a tangible, experiential understanding of Qi – both in the body and the environment – can greatly improve their practice, their client outcomes, as well as their own ongoing spiritual development. In turn, Feng Shui is an essential adjunct to any serious cultivator of the internal arts.

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Jim Doyle

Going from chaos to calm and wellbeing in your home and business

Jim will share his perceptions of how the energy of your home is created and changed by yourself, past and external influences. How clearing the energy of your home can make dramatic differences to you and possibly with unexpected side benefits.

Why some people are more susceptible to environmental energies than others.

Why is the energy of our home so important to us? When is geopathic stress not geopathic stress?

Getting down to the root causes of geopathic stress or energy imbalances with case histories
The keys to accurate identification of the root causes of the stress.

Techniques to help clear the sources.

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Vincent McDonnell

Bringing Harmony and Balance to your Garden.

If a house is going to benefit from the positive contribution that we make to bring balance and harmony to a home, the garden cannot be left out. Gardens are practical places where work is done, energy employed. It is where families relax, food maybe grown and where we can choose to experience exceptional peace and tranquillity. In a Feng Shui garden, we can look at this in a very individual way.

At the very essence of a garden is its own birth, growth and continuity. This requires maintenance, a continuously evolving process. Growing plants is never complete, it always creates it’s own unique set of emotions.

Looking back at the history and character of Chinese and Japanese gardens we can see how the principles of Feng Shui, in Japanese Fusui, impact on the flow of positive energy that circulates through a garden and impacts on the health and well-being of those enjoying the benefits of a garden space, as well as that of the garden itself. Whether you have a courtyard garden, window box or rolling hills, the shape and form of the trees and plants you select, the source of Chi and the colours will all have meaning. Once we are aware of the history, of the strength of the five elements and the Bagua as a design tool we can create the gardens we desire.

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Gina Lazenby

Clutter Clearing to Make Space for Your Dreams

Clutter Clearing is one of the most basic aspects of Feng Shui and yet it can be the most challenging. Not only because 21st century life is so full of so many material comforts and stuff , but because of the meaning and attachments that you can create for them.

Gina feels like she has spent a lifetime taking on this bug bear and will share why it can be difficult, how it can be so enmeshed in your identity, ways to get started, tips for taking it on in stages and some home organisation solutions to help with creating flow in your life. The more you can take control of your space, the easier it is to manifest your dreams.

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