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Ryan Terren

Cultivating Qi Gong for a Feng Shui practice.

Ryan will lead a taster Qi Gong training session, and give a short presentation on how Feng Shui and Qi Gong intersect in his own practice.  For those who wish to start to build – or further – a Qi Gong practice

Qi Gong is a powerful form of self cultivation that originates in the Daoist and Buddhist traditions of Ancient China. Its methods aim to clear and regulate the energy body to optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Feng Shui is, of course, a synonymous process – working with the energetics of a building to improve the lives of its occupants. For the Feng Shui consultant, a tangible, experiential understanding of Qi – both in the body and the environment – can greatly improve their practice, their client outcomes, as well as their own ongoing spiritual development. In turn, Feng Shui is an essential adjunct to any serious cultivator of the internal arts.

Speaker Bio   

Ryan Terren 

Ryan is a qualified Qi Gong instructor, as well as an accredited Feng Shui and Ba Zi consultant.

He has trained Qi Gong, Nei Gong and meditation intensively for many years, including a three-year teacher training qualification through Lotus Nei Gong International, with whom his Qi Gong school is affiliated.

Since graduating, he has run a number of classes, courses and retreats, both locally and internationally. He founded and runs LifeHouse, a platform for the research and contemporary application of the classical Chinese wisdom arts.

His Feng Shui credentials stem from a BA (Hons) in Geography at University College London via his internal arts practice to a full training and ongoing mentorship with Master Richard Ashworth. He also continues to learn with Madame Lily Chung and GrandMaster Stephen Skinner amongst others.