Feng Shui Society Conference 2022

Saturday 11th June being held at Etc Venues, 200 Aldersgate, London, EC1A 4HD



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Our feng shui conference is being held in St. Pauls, London on Saturday, the 11th June 2022 Live and on Zoom.

Tickets available for both the live conference event and zoom with REPLAY on our book tickets page.

The Feng Shui Society Conference is a unique space to develop love for the art of Feng Shui, Associated Disciplines and all the Chinese Metaphysics Five Arts in general. Participants from all over Europe and the World gather to meet and share. An excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and make new friends in a truly unique setting.

Feng Shui Conference 11 June 2022, London, Zoom

The conference will be held on Saturday 11th June 2022 at Etc Venues, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 4HD  with all-day refreshments, 2-course lunch and breakfast and wonderful opportunity to network with likeminded people. Please put the date in your diaries now and further details to follow.

The conference is aimed at both students and professional consultants, but also for the general public and engages some of the most prominent speakers in various fields of expertise.

Tickets for the Feng Shui Society Conference 2022 are available now!

All-day refreshments, breakfast and 2-course lunch are included in the price

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Our programme includes:

Saturday 11th June 2022


  • Alexandra Berthault: Uplifting The Energy of Your Home with Flying Stars Feng Shui
  • David Furlong: The Archetypes and the Bagua: Exploring the Intuitive Balancing of Home Energies
  • Amanda Kenton: Smart Technology: Is it as Safe as we Think?
  • Edel Cleary: A Place to Call Home: Feng Shui Design for Design Connection and Belonging Watch Edel talk about it
  • Ryan Terren: Cultivating Qi Gong for a Feng Shui Practice
  • Jim Doyle: Going from Chaos to Calm and Wellbeing in your Home and Business
  • Vincent McDonnell: Bringing Harmony and Balance to your Garden
  • Gina Lazenby: Clutter Clearing to Make Space for Your Dreams