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Vincent Mc Donnell

Bringing Harmony and Balance to your Garden.

If a house is going to benefit from the positive contribution that we make to bring balance and harmony to a home, the garden cannot be left out. Gardens are practical places where work is done, energy employed. It is where families relax, food maybe grown and where we can choose to experience exceptional peace and tranquillity. In a Feng Shui garden, we can look at this in a very individual way.

At the very essence of a garden is its own birth, growth and continuity. This requires maintenance, a continuously evolving process. Growing plants is never complete, it always creates it’s own unique set of emotions.

Looking back at the history and character of Chinese and Japanese gardens we can see how the principles of Feng Shui, in Japanese Fusui, impact on the flow of positive energy that circulates through a garden and impacts on the health and well-being of those enjoying the benefits of a garden space, as well as that of the garden itself. Whether you have a courtyard garden, window box or rolling hills, the shape and form of the trees and plants you select, the source of Chi and the colours will all have meaning. Once we are aware of the history, of the strength of the five elements and the Bagua as a design tool we can create the gardens we desire.

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Speaker Bio   

Vincent Mc Donnell After a successful career in education as a teacher, headteacher and Education Director, Vincent embarked on a new phase of life to study garden design at the British Academy of Garden Design. Through his studies, Vincent developed a focus on Japanese garden design and an interest in the philosophy of finding harmony and balance in the garden. This subsequently led to studying Feng Shui which simply took over his training and development. Now qualified through the IFSG, Vincent brings together his interest in gardening whilst blending in the strength of Feng Shui as a means of engaging with the positive forces of nature.