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Discover our courses



For the FSS Conference 2021

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During the Feng Shui Society Conference 2021, the program will include the possibility to attend Stephen Skinner’s or Vicky Sweetlove Feng Shui courses.

Dates: from Sunday 11th July to Tuesday 13th July

Location: Wesley Hotel, 81 – 103 Euston Street London NW1 2EZ

Refreshments included at breaks.

Browse the information below for the 2021 workshops.

Stephen Skinner

Flying Star Feng Shui for Effective Interior Feng Shui WORKSHOP

This course will cover:

  • – the correct method of drawing up Flying Star charts
  • how to relate them to any property
  • judging Sitting and Facing directions
  • facing direction versus the position of the front door
  • drawing the chart
  • pie-wedge division verses division into Palaces
  • flying the Stars
  • special rules for small or narrow properties and uncovered spaces
  • evaluating the nine stars – the three white stars
  • special treatment for the 2-black and 5-yellow stars – neutralising and utilising them
  • Star Combination Tables – what they really mean
  • judging the Period
  • rules for using build date versus move-in date
  • differences between business or residential property
  • real case studies with handouts
  • drawing up a report & taking action
  • prefer to make several important changes rather than many minor changes
  • and many more facets of Flying Star Analysis


Sunday 11th and Monday 12th July 2021
2 day workshop | £600 per person

Lunch and refreshments will be provided for the 3 days.

Vicky Sweetlove

Feng Shui Alchemy of your Home and You

The energy of our home is vital to the wellbeing of everyone who lives there.

If we do not feel energetically 100% in ourselves.  Then the home could be feeling out of balance and may well have an effect on how we feel and react in our work, relationships and health.  When we connect to the Chakra energy centres of ourselves and our homes and the compass life areas, then it tells a story of what is happening in our lives.

We can connect to our home and its energy centres as we would with our own body’s energy centres.

Vicky will take you through the world’s energy centres and then show you examples of our home’s energy centres connecting to the compass life areas and showing you how to balance these energies within your home and you at the same time.

We are all drawn to our “special” places in the house where we like to sit, sleep, work and play, its where we feel comfortable and “at home”.

Vicky will walk you through the energies of the home and how you can locate the places, that need a lift, the ones that are balanced and the ones that you feel “wow” in.

You will be able to go home and “know” where your energetic places are.

This will be on the Sunday 11th July  the cost will be £95 for the day 10.30 a.m. and ending at 4.30 p.m.  refreshments included at breaks. 



This will be on the Sunday 11th July the cost will be £95 for one day. Starting at 10.30 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. Refreshments included at breaks. 

£95 for one day