In honour of their lifetime contributions to the advancement of Feng Shui and The Feng Shui Society, the FSS is pleased to confer the title of Fellow upon the experts listed below.


The Fellowship of the Feng Shui Society awarded to William Spear is a heartfelt acknowledgment of his remarkable contributions to the world of Feng Shui. As the original Feng Shui teacher who kindled a transformative journey within a group of students, this dedicated community later went on to establish the Feng Shui Society in 1993. William Spear’s influence in the realm of this ancient art is undeniable.

His visit to London in the early 1990s served as the catalyst for the birth of a thriving community that has been at the forefront of sharing the profound wisdom and principles of Feng Shui with the world, enriching countless lives. This honor underscores his pivotal role in shaping the course of Feng Shui in the United Kingdom and beyond.

William Spear, Founder and CEO of the Fortunate Blessings Foundation, has made an indelible mark in the fields of health, environmental sustainability, and Feng Shui. His nonprofit Foundation, based in Litchfield, CT, has provided invaluable support to individuals and communities traumatized by disasters through its “Second Response” initiative.

His commitment extends to environmental sustainability, emphasizing ecologically conscious living, sustainable interior design, energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy, organic agriculture, and ecological conservation. William Spear’s expertise in Feng Shui has gained international recognition, making this ancient art accessible to a global audience through his “Intuitive Feng Shui®” approach.

Beyond Feng Shui, his contributions span complementary healing arts, self-development, end-of-life care, vital design, Eastern philosophy, and trauma treatment. The innovative “Second Response” initiative, benefiting over 6,000 parents, teachers, disaster specialists, and mental health professionals globally, offers a unique approach to addressing trauma and promoting resilience.

This award honors William Spear’s multifaceted contributions to holistic well-being, environmental consciousness, and the promotion of Feng Shui principles, furthering the betterment of individuals’ lives and the world at large. More about William: https://williamspear.com/


This citation and awarding of Fellowship of the Feng Shui Society, recognizes Simon Brown’s leadership and dedication to the field of Feng Shui and healing arts.

Simon Brown, a distinguished author, teacher, and consultant in the disciplines of Feng Shui, macrobiotics, and face reading, has made significant contributions to these ancient arts for more than three decades. His impressive body of work includes books such as “The Feng Shui Bible,” “Modern Day Macrobiotics,” “Macrobiotics For Life,” and “The Secrets of Face Reading.”

Simon’s commitment to holistic well-being extends to his role as a teacher and consultant, offering online and in-person macrobiotic consultations and courses from London and his base in Lisbon, Portugal. He received his training directly from the luminaries in the field, including Michio Kushi, Aveline Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto, and Takashi Yoshikawa. Simon was an early pioneer in the 1990s in London in these emerging fields, supporting the start of the Feng Shui Society and serving as its Chair for three years from 2017. He remains a key part of the Society, leading one of the three accredited training schools providing online courses in Feng Shui, macrobiotics, and face reading, making these ancient arts accessible to a wider audience.

Simon’s profound love for healing and his commitment to improving the well-being of individuals is evident in his work. He is a respected figure in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, showcasing his expertise in macrobiotics, health coaching, wellness coaching, Feng Shui, and nutrition. More about Simon: https://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/find-a-consultant-3/simon-brown/


This citation and awarding of Fellowship of the Feng Shui Society, recognizes Jan Cisek’s dedication to the field with his pioneering research and his remarkable contributions to the Feng Shui Society in the UK as it celebrates 30 years of excellence this month. Society Chair Gina Lazenby says “Jan was one of the key figures involved in the setting up of the Society back in 1993, and remains a pivotal part of the community today. We are all grateful to him for his continued involvement.”

Jan Cisek (FSSA, MSc) is a prominent figure in the international Feng Shui community, with over 40 years of experience in this ancient art. His background in interior design, design, and branding, Jan Cisek was key in helping to make remarkable strides as a leading-edge Feng Shui consultant, expert, trainer, mentor, researcher, and writer. His expertise extends to holistic and integral Feng Shui, encompassing various dimensions of life, including the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural, virtual, and spiritual realms, all underpinned by evidence-based practices.

As a testament to his dedication and commitment to the field, Jan Cisek is a Ph.D. candidate at Liverpool John Moores University, where his research explores Feng Shui as a personal and transpersonal discipline with practical implications for wellness, home environment, productivity, job satisfaction, and more.

Based in Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK, Jan Cisek’s influence and consultations are offered worldwide. His legacy in the field of Feng Shui extends to co-founding the Feng Shui Society of Great Britain in 1993, pioneering the way for this ancient practice in the United Kingdom. Additionally, during this time, Jan has served many tenures on the Executive Committee and contributed his expertises as the editor of the Feng Shui Journal for several years, enriching the community with his insights.

With his extensive credentials, including an MSc in Environmental Psychology and membership in the International Association of Applied Psychology and the British Society for Ecological Medicine, Jan Cisek has been a driving force in the feng shui community seeking to advance the understanding and practice of Feng Shui. His contributions to holistic interior design, branding, environmental psychology, and spirituality are testament to his multifaceted talents and dedication to the well-being of individuals and their surroundings. More about Jan: https://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/find-a-consultant-3/jan-cisek/


Gill Hale, a distinguished Feng Shui consultant and author, is honored with the title of Life Fellow by the Feng Shui Society in recognition of her significant contributions to the field.

Gill’s journey into Feng Shui began after a trip to Hong Kong, where she embarked on extensive studies with world-renowned teachers. As a Feng Shui consultant for homes and businesses, she has combined her expertise in Feng Shui with her background in garden design, creating harmonious spaces for her clients.

An Honorary Life Member of the Feng Shui Society, Gill’s impact goes beyond consultancy. She has been an active Committee Member and served as an editor for the society’s journal, Feng Shui News. Her dedication to promoting knowledge and understanding within the Feng Shui community is commendable.

Gill’s contributions are exemplified in her published works. Notably, she authored “The Practical Guide to Feng Shui: Using the Ancient Powers of Placement to Create Harmony in Your Home, Garden, and Office.” This comprehensive guide demonstrates how Feng Shui principles can be applied to homes, gardens, and workspaces, enhancing the lives of those who follow her guidance.

Additionally, Gill’s expertise in garden Feng Shui is further highlighted in her book “Feng Shui Garden: Design Your Garden for Health, Wealth, and Happiness.” This work delves into the application of Feng Shui principles in outdoor spaces, offering insights on how to create gardens that promote health, prosperity, and well-being. Her expertise in this area has left a lasting impact on the practice of Feng Shui in garden design.

Gill Hale’s legacy is celebrated through her enduring commitment to Feng Shui and her contributions to the community. Her journey embodies the essence of Feng Shui, creating harmonious environments that enrich the lives of those she serves.


Sylvia Bennett FSSA, IFSG, RIBA Affiliate, is awarded the title of Life Fellow of the Feng Shui Society in recognition of her contributions to Feng Shui and her service as Chair of the Society. With a career spanning over three decades, Sylvia is celebrated for her ability to adapt traditional Feng Shui to modern living while preserving its authentic foundation.

As an accredited Feng Shui Master Consultant, Sylvia possesses extensive expertise in traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Feng Shui Design Aesthetics. She is affiliated with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute (LI), and she is a member of the Urban Design Group. In addition to her Feng Shui mastery, Sylvia is a qualified interior designer and a subtle environment surveyor.

Sylvia’s journey to mastery took her to Hong Kong, where she immersed herself in the authentic foundations of Feng Shui. Under the guidance of renowned Chinese Masters like Yap Cheng Hai, Joseph Yu, and Peter Leung, she honed her skills. Her continuous learning included studies with prominent Feng Shui practitioners such as Master Raymond Lo, Lillian Too, and Joey Yap.

Her dedication to advancing the practice of Feng Shui in the UK was instrumental in creating ethical professional practice standards by incorporating the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health guidelines. In recognition of her contributions, Sylvia received the Honorary Life Fellowship of the Feng Shui Society.

Sylvia’s expertise extends to Vastu Shastra, the Indian counterpart to Feng Shui. She combines these ancient arts to create harmonious living spaces. Her career background in property development, interior architectural design, international business management, fashion, textiles, and healthcare enriches her comprehensive consulting services for both corporate and residential clients.

Sylvia’s impact is seen in her contributions to major projects, including her work on the Earls Court urban redevelopment master plan and the London Taxi Company’s LEVC electric vehicle production facility. Her expertise has been sought after by architects, designers, property developers, healthcare practices, law offices, trading floors, hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Sylvia’s educational work includes lectures and worlshops at the University of Westminster Built Environment Faculty and the Royal Society of Medicine. Her work has gained recognition in national and international publications, including CNN and the BBC.

Sylvia Bennett’s enduring commitment to promoting harmony and well-being through Feng Shui has earned her the title of Life Fellow, celebrating her transformative influence on the field and the lives she has touched. Her consultancy work extends across the UK and globally, serving clients in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and the USA. More about Sylvia: https://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/find-a-consultant-3/sylvia-bennett/





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