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Gina Lazenby

Clutter Clearing to Make Space for Your Dreams

Clutter Clearing is one of the most basic aspects of Feng Shui and yet it can be the most challenging. Not only because 21st century life is so full of so many material comforts and stuff , but because of the meaning and attachments that you can create for them.

Gina feels like she has spent a lifetime taking on this bug bear and will share why it can be difficult, how it can be so enmeshed in your identity, ways to get started, tips for taking it on in stages and some home organisation solutions to help with creating flow in your life. The more you can take control of your space, the easier it is to manifest your dreams.

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Speaker Bio   

Gina Lazenby  

Gina is a best selling author and award-winning business consultant. She was a pioneer in the human potential movement in the 1990s and was instrumental in bringing feng shui education and awareness to the UK. Her three Feng Shui books sold over half a million copies and she has been featured on Channel 4 News, ITV’s Yorkshire Calender News and BBC 2’s Newsnight and The Money Programme. She was the original founding Chair of the Feng Shui Society in 1993 and has returned as Chair 28 year later. Her Feng Shui Network was the first organisation to provide professional training for Feng Shui consultants. 

She has been a keynote speaker at many international large capacity events and is a popular speaker on wellbeing, good sleep, healthy eating, creating flow and handling life transitions. Having written extensively about natural living, Gina offers her beautiful hilltop home in the Yorkshire Dales, the inspiration for her Healthy Home book, as a retreat house to facilitators of yoga, transformation work and wellness. It’s also a special place to hire for family gatherings and celebrations. 

Gina’s superpower is hospitality. She grew up in a small hotel and after attending Hotel School, Gina specialised in marketing and publicity going on to create her own multi-award winning consultancy in the hospitality industry. She is renowned as a warm and welcoming host and whole foods cook, and has organised life-changing events all over the world for nearly 50 years, including retreats, conferences, trade fairs and women’s circles.