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Talk Title “A Place to Call Home; Feng Shui Design for Design Connection and Belonging”

Our surroundings are like our outer skin; we are in constant conversation with them. Depending on how conscious or unconscious we are about that relationship, our environments may be supporting our energy or may in fact, be a source of stress. Edel works with her clients to connect more deeply with the energy of their surroundings, aiding them in creating supportive, uplifting and healthier environments in which to work, rest and enjoy life.
In this talk based on her recently published book “ A place to Call Home” Edel teases apart the theory to uncover the practical and very accessible ways to deeply connect to our own innate sense of what home means for each of us, our perfectly unique expression. Blending feng shui, living in harmony with nature with modern interior design as the way to cultivate a space where you can be you – a place that truly feels like home.

Speaker Bio   

Edel Cleary FSNI FSSA IFSG IFPA Edel Cleary is an experienced Interior Designer, course facilitator, author and an accredited feng shui practitioner, based in Dublin, Ireland. She also has extensive holistic therapy training and is an aromatherapy specialist.

In the late 1990’s Edel qualified in Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design and Feng Shui at the Feng Shui Network International in London, with the aim of bridging the connection between our personal well-being and the energy of our surroundings.

As an accredited consultant with the Feng Shui Society UK for more than 20 years Edel has continued to develop her knowledge and experience in feng shui, colour, healthy homes and their applications in interior design; deepening her understanding of the impact of our built environment on our health and well-being.

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