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Jim Doyle

Going from chaos to calm and wellbeing in your home and business

Jim will share his perceptions of how the energy of your home is created and changed by yourself, past and external influences.

How clearing the energy of your home can make dramatic differences to you and possibly with unexpected side benefits.

Why some people are more susceptible to environmental energies than others

Why is the energy of our home so important to us? When is geopathic stress not geopathic stress ?

Getting down to the root causes of geopathic stress or energy imbalances with case histories.

The keys to accurate identification of the root causes of the stress.

Techniques to help clear the sources

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Speaker Bio   

Jim J Doyle 

Jim has been a dowser and energy healer for nearly 20 years, helping restore the vitality of people, places and situations by clearing the energy and history of the past.

Combining his natural abilities and training with an electronics engineering background, he focuses on identifying the precise causes of unhealthy situations before clearing them.

They may include ancestral, cultural, environmental, emotional, limiting beliefs, relationships and deep hidden spiritual energy blocks.

Jim focuses on resolving geopathic stress and energetic issues for people and businesses worldwide.

An extraordinary experience in his early twenties led to his discovery that he was a natural healer and intuitive. In 2000, life circumstances led to Jim working extensively with his ancestors, followed by extensive energy healing training.