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Alexandra Berthault

Uplifting The Energy of Your Home with Flying Stars Feng Shui

Alexandra will talk about how you can transform your home into a welcoming and supporting heaven through the benefits of the Flying Stars system in 2022.

I will talk about what are the sectors to activate and the sectors to remedy or neutralise the effects of certain annual stars. How does the Flying Stars relate to other Feng Shui aspects and how to bring the positive in most situations. I will focus on topics such as health, relationships, and career.

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Speaker Bio   

Alexandra Berthault 

Alexandra Berthault is an accredited Feng Shui Consultant. In her practice she also uses Astrology, Space Clearing and Health Coaching. Alongside her consultations she has been a qualified Crystal Healer with over 15 years of experience.

She has recently appeared on talks with Amanda Sophia and lectured at Positivium among other hosting platforms.

With a first career in finance, she has constantly evolved, specialising, and practicing in the fields of property refurbishment, naturopathic nutrition, and the healing arts.

Through life’s tribulations and opportunities, Alexandra enthuses in sharing her wisdom with her audience.

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