Like the sunshine and the showing of the golden daffodils in gardens and roadsides, the clocks changing to bring extra daylight time all signal that spring is here. And hurrah for that! I am sure you can feel the energy shift …… what has been below ground, under the surface, and getting ready for another cycle, is now beginning to emerge as new shoots. The energy is starting to move upwards. This is an excellent month for spring cleaning and shifting out clutter but truth be told, the clearing of clutter is not something that you should leave as an annual task. There is good energy to support clearing now but what I have learned over the years is that I have to make clutter clearing a part of my weekly life. Or is that just me? Does anyone else struggle with clutter?

Let’s just take a look at clutter… what it is and why it can be such an ongoing challenge? Well I do find it a burden and you would think that having written about this subject for more than a quarter of a century I would have it mastered that aspect of life! Well yes and no. I have a very organised home and I pay attention to the energy, atmosphere and the vibe of my space. I absolutely know how to do that and I believe I was doing that intuitively from childhood before I learned anything about feng shui.  The problem is, from time to time, I can get overloaded and overwhelmed. Things can quickly get out of kilter and the downward slope can be very slippery. The next thing I know I am drowning in stuff and disorder. 

Make a fresh start this spring – clear clutter to allow space for more…


This current period of overwhelm came about from my recent life transition phase, for two reasons … firstly like many other people, I have changed my routines and life because of the global pandemic and spent more time at home .. both clearing AND generating extra stuff! I have also spent time re-thinking my role in the world and what I do. Perhaps that was a focus of yours in the last couple of years. 

Secondly, as I mentioned in my October column, we moved my elderly parents across Yorkshire from their forever home to their own smaller apartment in an assisted living building. Downsizing at age 90 is a very interesting process to observe. I mean, how much STUFF do you need to hang on to for your last few years? Much was jettisoned over a period of weeks and quite a few things came my way (unfortunately). As the eldest child and daughter, I am the family custodian of memories and objects with history! So before anything was sent to the charity shop or disposal, it had to pass through my hands. So, among many other things, I got the crystal chandeliers, a good new mattress, a 60 year old casserole … they were all useful but there were many many other items I did not immediately know what to do with. I was finding it hard to let go of some family treasures. And the minute you have a pile of excess cluttering up your dining room floor .. it starts to breed!  When you have too much stuff in your space, reminding you of your procrastinating, it is a huge drain on your energy. Whatever it takes, you have to get rid of it.

So let me share what I have found helpful to get me back up to the surface again when I have been in the drowning phase ….. click on the link here to access my column in the House of PreEminence magazine with eight helpful tips about getting started, asking good questions and adding powerful intentions.
By: Gina Lazenby, Chair of The Feng Shui Society

House of PreEminence MagazineMarch issue on Final March Publication on Magic, Miracles & Moolah Magazine Link (192 glossy pages) Gina’s tips on page 128
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Gina Lazenby, Chair of The Feng Shui Society