Gina Lazenby, Chair of The Feng Shui Society

Your Hibernation Reminder for January – tis the season to be slow

When you are in the business of giving people advice … you have to listen to what advice you are saying to others and make sure that when appropriate … you take your own medicine! So the medicine for me in January was to take it slow. I have recently been appointed Executive Editor Healthy Home for House of PreEminence magazine with a column on feng shui and healthy living. Aimed at women change-makers, the publication has been described as “Absolutely brilliant .. a magazine for the New Earth. A wild and wonderful collection of wisdom from women who embody worthiness, wealth, and well-being.”  So my advice to readers was to acknowledge the energy that each season brings, align yourself with the flow of nature, take a slower pace in January and hibernate in your metaphorical cave until the energy starts to lift in early Spring.  Just because our culture calls January 1st the new year, it does not actually mean that a new energy cycle begins then. Far from it.

Trust the clues that Mother Nature is giving you

So in the first week of January I found I was getting busy with everything I did not manage to do before Christmas when I literally ran out of steam. My energy tapped out before the end of the year .. I am sure you have experienced that before too. I wanted to clutter clear my house, I had copy to write, online meetings to host  .. you name it, I had a long list. Then I had to have a reality check and call a halt. Walk the talk Gina and slow down!  So I read my own column and took my own advice. I encouraged my groups to postpone our gatherings and found many others similarly relieved not to have to show up looking bright and breezy when they were exhausted themselves. I handled the urgent stuff and shelved everything else so that I had more time to sit quietly by my lovely winter log fire …… no TV, no music, no podcasts … just silence and flames in the fire. Quiet breathing and relishing the slow pace where I can more easily access the inner space for creative visions. I hope you have managed to take some quiet time too. Maybe you will take a moment to read my column in the lovely, glossy magazine. You might find a few pearls of wisdom on may pages starting at 188.

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By: Gina Lazenby, Chair of The Feng Shui Society