Keeping the home fires burning:
the Fire Rabbit Month 2019

Keeping the home fires burning:
the Fire Rabbit Month 2019

March is symbolised by the rabbit in so many cultures. Here in the UK the image of the boxing hare is inextricably linked with the Easter Bunny. So rabbity pursuits are indicated like staying home and er….well staying home!

The Rabbit is the host and the networker. Often not herself a mover or shaker, if you want to get hooked up with power, best accept the Rabbit’s party invitations, pay close attention to who is talking with whom and choose your moment. A Rabbit day of birth, incidentally, is at least as likely to indicate these qualities as a Rabbit year of birth.

But what about the other animals?

Ox: ;May find the yin wood of the Rabbit comforting but uninspiring. Attending to family is probably the priority.

Tiger: Uncharacteristic impatience may arrive with a Rabbit month. They’re keen to get on with it but often unclear as to what “it” might be.

Rabbit: Is in pole position. There’s no need to travel far to make a huge positive difference.

Dragon: Traditionally falls back during the Rabbit month. Expenditure may exceed income.

Snake: Mutual trust may be shaky. Perhaps consider who might be untrustworthy.

Horse: Short of your peak. Run within yourself, I should.

Sheep: Everything’s happening even of you can’t see it. Accept invitations.

Monkey: You are not really in step. Wait for the next bus rather than walking to the next stop.

Rooster: In opposition but don’t let it go to your head. Tack into the head wind for progress.

Dog: You are giving and receiving support in a big way. Acknowledging others is key.

Pig: This is a demanding and defining year. This month might be the best to take inevitable risks.

Rat: You are in danger of being overlooked. Does it matter that much?


Final note: The above are very simplistic assessments. No astrological analysis especially such a brisk one will ever do you full justice. You always have choice, you are as a wise man once said to me, the camera not the crisis.Nothing I or anyone else can advise will free you from the necessity to make decisions.

The best way to wring value from these very brief prognostications, remains to identify not only your Year Animal but those of Month, Day & Hour. You are, astrologically speaking, a cocktail of these and it’s as unlikely that all four are compromised at any given time as it is that they are all blessed.