Meet our experts


Meet our experts


For the FSS Conference 2021

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The Feng Shui Society Conference has speakers representing different countries from Europe and Worldwide. Presenting at the Feng Shui Society Conference is a fantastic opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge and make new friends.

Browse the information below for the 2019 speakers.

Jerry King

Four Pillars of Destiny and Health

In this presentation, Jerry Kill will be talking about how to evaluate one’s health based upon the Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi chart. Each of the five elements represents specific areas and organs of our human body and Jerry will be using examples from charts to explain how to identify health issues. Knowing about the weakness in our body will help us better prevent future health problems.

Davina Mackail

Feng Shui and the Art of Relationship

How can we understand our relationship to self and others through the relationship with our home? Home is ‘metaphor of the Self ‘as the designer William Morris said.  Mostly this relationship operates at an unconscious level and can give rise to unhelpful manifestations. In this talk discover how the art of Feng Shui brings those unconscious relationships to conscious awareness and empowers us with the choice to change.

Simon Brown

Feng Shui Essentials

Learn the fundamental principles of chi, YinYang, 5 elements and directions, and how to use them to create a more successful, happy and healthy home. You will learn how to apply form and compass feng shui to bedrooms, home office and living spaces.

Jin Peh

Four Pillars for Love

For centuries, Bazi or the Four Pillars Chinese Astrology has been used to ascertain the compatibility of couples. This talk will introduce some concepts and techniques that are used to analyze charts and apply them to modern day couples including the Beckhams and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Christian Kyriacou

Ancestral Dynamic Imprints and Feng Shui

Every building and piece of land carry imprints of what has happened before. Christian explores how our past, and inherited ancestral patterns affect our lives and the homes we choose to live in.

He considers why, through repetition, we bring forth life events in order to recreate situations in our souls journey for resolution and healing of what was left undone in the past. He explores, identifies and unravels the source of pattern imprints and core seed-form programs which often come from beyond this lifetime, or even perceived dimensions of time and space. This  includes trauma events which may have shattered aspects of being, requiring a soul-retrieval process to regain any lost fragments of our energy fields.

Without resolution, we cannot achieve our full potential or feel fully at-home where we live. The ultimate aim as ever in Feng Shui, is to guide people to take personal responsibility and self-empowerment of their life issues leading to peace and harmony.

Vicky Sweetlove

The Signs and Effects of Traumatised Homes and Space

Have you ever noticed the change in your homes when there has been any  kind of renovation or disturbance to the buildings or land near to your homes.  This can affect your personal energy and the spaces you choose to live and work in.  Vicky will discuss the signs that can be seen in the landscape and in your homes in order to recognise where these traumatised areas can affect our wellbeing within our homes.

Raymond Lo

King Wen Oracle system for I Ching Forecasting

The I Ching is well known to the west as a superior forecasting system in Chinese metaphysics. This knowledge was translated into western language as the “Book of Change” and was well known long before Feng Shui became popular in the western world.  However, the Chinese fortune-tellers are using I Ching quite differently from the “Book of Change” and they have a unique way of forecasting with Hexagrams. This system is called “King Wen Oracle” and it is fascinating skill with amazing accurate results. This talk will explain the difference between “Book of Change” and King Wen Oracle system and will demonstrate with many practical examples to show how I Ching works as a handy and reliable forecasting skill and how it can be applied to enrich our Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny consultation works.

Jamie Ward

Creating a healthy family home from the ground up

Jamie Ward, alongside his wife Kate, is the co-founder of Healthy Developments. Based in the New Forest, Healthy Developments build healthy family homes that focus on four key areas: harmonious design & settings; high indoor air quality; reduce radiation & pollution; efficient thermal energy & thermal comfort.


For the FSS Conference 2021

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