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Victoria Mohajerin

Feng shui to build resilience and enhance well-being in the workplace

Feng shui in the workplace has been unchartered territory. Many leaders across varying workplace sectors have, had to make rapid decisions and adjustments to manage the workforce.

More than ever the structures of how we work in the future will have an effect on the workplace and home office.

Victoria will present on new and bold solutions when applying the guiding principles of Feng shui to address the following:

○ Supporting the health and well-being of workers in the workplace and home office

○ Sustaining productivity and positive mindset during challenging times

○ Improving quality of time spent in our work environment.


Speaker Bio

Victoria was brought up with feng shui practice since her childhood. She undertook formal feng shui studies with various Grand Masters within the International Feng Shui Association, including Grand Master Raymond Lo and Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong. She has driven projects to incorporate feng shui into organisational leadership to support wellbeing of employees and productivity in large-scale organisations.