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Denise O’Dwyer

Vicky Sweetlove


The Signs and Effects of Traumatised Homes and Offices

Have you ever noticed the change in your home/office when there has been renovations or  roadworks, or any kind of disturbance nearby.  This can affect our personal energy and the spaces we choose to live and work in.  In this talk Vicky will discuss the signs that can be seen in the land and buildings in order to recognise where the traumatised area can affect our feng shui life areas.


Speaker Bio

Vicky Sweetlove is a professional feng shui consultant, geomancer working with the energy of  homes and offices, a professional dowser,  intuitive shaman and akashic records consultant.  She has appeared on Sky One, BBC2 and the Living Channel, More 4 and Radio 4 as a dowser, space clearer and feng shui  specialist.  She  is a Feng Shui expert in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and has also written for High Spirit and Therapy magazines.  Vicky is an intuitive and uses this ability in her teaching and consultations. She specialises in earth alchemy and working with the “spirit of the land of homes and businesses”.

She discovered feng shui whilst working at a London university in the late 1990s and now teaches feng shui courses, space clearing and earth alchemy practitioner course and  akashic records practitioner course.