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Denise O’Dwyer

Vicky Sweetlove

Feng Shui Alchemy of your Home and You

The energy of our home is vital to the wellbeing of everyone who lives there. If we do not feel energetically 100% in ourselves. Then the home could be feeling out of balance and may well have an effect on how we feel and react in our work, relationships and health.

We connect to our home and its energy centres as we would with our own body’s energy centres.

Vicky will take you through the world’s energy centres and then show you examples of our home’s energy centres.

We are all drawn to our “special” places in the house where we like to sit, sleep, work and play, its where we feel comfortable and “at home”.

Vicky will walk you through the energies of the home and how you can locate the places, that need a lift, the ones that are balanced and the ones that you feel “wow” in. You will be able to go home and “know” where your energetic places are.


Speaker Bio

Vicky Sweetlove is a professional feng shui consultant and geomancer and a professional dowser with the British Society of Dowsers, working with the energy of homes and offices, as well as being an intuitive and akashic records consultant.  She has appeared on Sky One with Jane Goldman, BBC2 and the Living Channel, More 4 in “Man vs Weird” and Radio 4 as a dowser, space clearer and feng shui specialist.  She has written articles for many Holistic High Street magazines and is an intuitive consultant at the College of Psychic Studies.  Vicky uses her abilities in her teaching and consultations.  She specialises in earth alchemy and working with the “spirit of place”, the elementals and mother earth as a conduit for the energies of the land of homes and businesses”.