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Richard Ashworth

Practical Divination: Listening to the Universe.

The universe is always addressing us, whether it’s in the way the characters of a bazi fall, the oddities inside and around a building, the Hexagrams of the Book of Changes or in more subtle ways. When I’m surveying a space or drafting a ba zi I aim to be aware of noises off, a snatch of conversation, music just within earshot, the temperature, newspaper headlines, street names. All of which will tend to tell me things I might not figure out in any rational way, If I manage to catch such signs my job can so much easier and so much more accurate.

In this talk we will delve into the history and methodology of divination all over the world and I will illustrate the process of interpreting the waking dream with examples from 20 years of work as a feng shui man and my own life and outline how anyone may enrich their practice and indeed their life this way.


Speaker Bio   

Richard Ashworth has been a professional feng shui man since 1999 and is probably best known for introducing authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui to BBC tv’s Housebusters and for his book The Feng Shui Diaries. 

Richard himself has studied with a series of masters over a period of decades including attending Huazhong University in Central China. In 2012 he became one of very few Western masters to address the Singapore International Feng Shui Conference. In 2008 he was co-chair of the 1st International Congress on Scientific Feng Shui in Turin. 

Along the way he has worked with A-Listers such as Naomie Harris, Gillian Anderson and Britain’s favourite Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen. Richard practises feng shui and ba zi from Poland to New Zealand and teaches both online to students and professionals one-to-one from Seattle to Milan and to groups by arrangement.  A regular enquirer of The Course in Miracles as well as the Book of Changes. Richard is happily married with six grown-up children.