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Jin Peh

 Four Pillars of Destiny: Born on the Same Day, Month and Year

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a school of Chinese Astrology that gives the Metaphysics consultant information about the person’s life, personality and favourable periods. However, it is just a part of the framework of a person’s life and not the entire picture. In this talk, the chart of prominent individuals who share the same day, month and year of birth will be compared to demonstrate the differences in their lives. Other variables such as country of birth, family and educational background and career choices will be considered to demonstrate how to use the Four Pillars system to provide a more complete understanding of a persons’ life.


Speaker Bio

Dr. Jin Peh completed his medical training in Perth, Western Australia before studying Broadcasting Journalism. He then embarked on a two-year internship with a prominent Feng Shui master in Taiwan. Jin was the Feng Shui columnist for the South China Morning Post, the main English newspaper in Hong Kong. Jin’s first book was Feng Shui: A Hong Kong Perspective (2010), a collection of columns. Since 2013, Jin has been teaching classes regularly in Australia, Germany, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Jin has written four books on Four Pillars, a form of Chinese Astrology: Exploring Water Charts (2016), Exploring Metal Charts (2017), Exploring Fire Charts (2018) and Exploring Wood Charts (2019). He has also collaborated on three Four Pillars books with his teacher Lily Chung: Discover Your Code to Success (2013), Finding Your Life Partner (2014) and Your Life Numbers and Hexagrams from the I Ching (2015).