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Helen Sanderson

The Secret Psychology of Clutter: What Your Home Reveals About You

Just like your dreams, your home has things to tell you. It reflects important and hidden aspects of you, your past, your relationships and key issues in your life. Looking at it from a fresh perspective, you may also discover key things you need to address and reasons you might be stuck.

In this talk Helen will bring together what she has learned from 15 years of working in people’s homes, combined with my psychotherapy training and wisdom from many ancient and modern traditions.

Helen will talk about your home and your life and how making powerful changes with decluttering processes will create a more supportive and nurturing living space


Speaker Bio

Helen Sanderson helps people create beautifully organised, clutter-free homes that support
them to live the life they want and focus on what matters most to them. An expert on how your homes reflect your wellbeing and state of mind, she combines 10 years’ experience of
transforming cluttered homes and designing wellbeing spaces with her training in
psychotherapy and mindfulness.

Dealing with her clients’ individual mindsets and situations, alongside their clutter brings unique insights into their relationship with their homes and how they can better enhance personal wellbeing.

Helen has appeared on TV and BBC Radio and talks regularly at events such as Ideal Homes,
MindBodySpirit and 100% Design. She has been featured in the FT, Telegraph, Mail, Readers’ Digest, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Red and many others.