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Louise Buxton

Diane Shilito

Art and its Influence on the Canvas of your Home.

Diane will talk about home as a canvas and the potential and language of imagery and symbolism to create possibility. In the context of Feng Shui how do we include imagery effectively to support our lives? What is it’s cause and effect? The veiled language of art can influence perception, space and time to enhance any environment. Yet how do we select imagery when it can be a very personal choice?



Speaker Bio   

Diane Shillito has been a Feng Shui Consultant in the UK for nearly 20 years. Also as a creative process practitioner, through her MA in Creative Practice she engaged identified with the phenomenological relationship we can have with our environments through the thingness of things. Her natural curiosity, love of nature and observation of process, enabled her to see things from a different, more inclusive, perspective This has resulted in an enhanced feng shui practice, seen through another lens.