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Denise O’Dwyer

How To Read Chinese Astrology Like a Pro Without Being An Astrologer

What if you could understand yourself and others through the knowledge of Chinese Astrology in just one session? You could discover people’s motivations, anticipate their expectations, and know what drives them in their life, so that you can enjoy happy and harmonious relationships with anyone you meet.

Denise is passionate about teaching the profound and accurate system of Chinese Astrology in a fast, easy, stress free, and enjoyable way. Join her and learn how to read a chart quickly and simply in this insightful session. Learn the gift that will give you a unique advantage in life… and who knows where that might lead?


Speaker Bio

Denise is a Classical Feng Shui Consultant, Chinese Astrology Specialist, and teacher of Astrology. She works with professionals and entrepreneurs to create more success in their lives.

After a career in the corporate and commercial sector she studied Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in London and Malaysia, graduating in Feng Shui Mastery with Distinction, before returning to London to set up her successful international Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology consultancy.

She works in the UK and abroad, in person and online, helping people attract happiness, opportunities, relationships and wealth.