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Dawn Gibbins

Transforming Towns with feng shui

Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE commissioned the first Feng Shui Survey ever to be done on a town in Great Britain which catalysed great change in her hometown of Congleton in Cheshire. Feng Shui Surveys were done on the town, the town hall, the council chambers, the local museum and local mental health charity all glowing successes following the Feng Shui Surveys.

In this presentation Dawn will share the story Congleton’s Transformation over the past 10 years since the Feng Shui Survey.

Speaker Bio   

Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE has been voted more influential than Sir Richard Branson and James Dyson, as well as Veuve Clicquot ‘Business Woman of the Year’. She founded, built and sold her global manufacturing company for millions and has appeared on the Channel 4 programme The Secret Millionaire twice.

Dawn is a woman who dares to be different, she used Feng Shui to transform her global manufacturing business from a half million-pound loss to a five-million-pound profit in 3 years, increasing team happiness from 60% to 90% at the same time.