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Gina Lazenby

Davina MacKail


Feng Shui and the Art of Relationship 

How can we understand our relationship to self and others through the relationship with our home? Home is ‘metaphor of the Self ‘as the designer William Morris said.  Mostly this relationship operates at an unconscious level and can give rise to unhelpful manifestations. In this talk discover how the art of Feng Shui brings those unconscious relationships to conscious awareness and empowers us with the choice to change.


Speaker Bio

Davina MacKail, BA Hons, RGN, DFSNI, Master of NLP, hypnosis and time line therapy.  Hay House author, spiritual educator, shamanic seer, feng shui and space-clearing expert. Davina discovered Feng Shui when working in Hong Kong and China in the early 1990s and holds a Professional diploma in the practise and Spirit of Feng Shui.  Besides running a busy practice for private and business clients she teaches workshops and for many years ran the advanced feng shui course for Channel 5’s House doctor, Anne Maurice. She is the “healthy home” expert for a number of independent companies.  As featured in Harpers Bazaar, Eve magazine, Good Housekeeping and ITV’s This Morning.