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Beverley Wood

Sweet dreams are made of this. Creating a healthy bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

 Our bedroom is the most important place in our life for supporting our health and vitality, as it is the place where our body needs to rest, repair and rejuvenate.

This is one of the guiding principles of Building Biology, the new emerging science of healthy buildings, which recognises how the buildings and interiors of our modern homes influence our wellbeing. It offers new solutions for creating a healthy living environment.

We will look at the ways you and your family can make your bedrooms into spaces that support your health and help you get a good night’s sleep.

From your bed, your mattress and bed linens, to lighting, land energies, and electromagnetic fields, this will be an essential and enlightening review of everything within your bedroom.


Speaker Bio   

Beverley Wood is an architect and building biologist. As well as her healthy home design consultancy, she conducts healthy home check-ups in homes throughout the UK. She is also an experienced space clearing practitioner. She brings a much needed new health awareness into our current building practices and household choices.