1st World Feng Shui Online Summit

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The Feng Shui Society is happy to announce that we are promoting the first World Feng Shui Summit, Saturday and Sunday, 28th to 29th November 2020. In video conference format – so that you may participate anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home. We have gathered a truly fantastic selection of speakers from different continents. The topics have been carefully chosen to be interesting, innovative and informative, suitable for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

Our Zoom platform is interactive so there will be time at the end of each presentation to ask questions and debate ideas. It is a great opportunity to learn and develop knowledge in the company of the best in the world. Our non-profit organisation status enables us to bring this event to you at a very affordable price.

Once you have purchased the ticket, you will be sent the presentation of some of the topics in advance, so that you can prepare and get the most out this experience. For the optimal learning experience – it is also useful to have the presentation printed for the summit.

All sessions will be recorded so you can revisit them or watch first hand if you cannot attend in your time zone.

The Feng Shui Society Executive


Please note that all times are in GMT – Greenwich Meridian Time.

Saturday 28th November

12:00 Raymond Lo – Forecast for 2021, Year of the Metal Ox.

13:30 João Borges – Casting and interpreting the I Ching.

15:00 Simon Brown – Applying Feng Shui to Working from Home.

Sunday 29th November

12:00 Stephen Skinner – Relating Feng Shui to The Physical World.

13:30 Patricia Lohan – Art & Feng Shui to Manifest Dreams & Intentions.

15:30 Lily Chung – Analysing the Bazi of The United States.

£35 from 25th November

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Feng Shui forecast for year of metal ox 2021

Master Raymond Lo

We have experienced a turbulence year of massive metal rat in 2020. The coming year is Metal Ox which continued to be cold metal without warmth and optimism of fire. The talk will explain what this yin metal will bring to the world, how does it affect each animal sign and what we can take care to avoid misfortune and enhance positive energy.

About Raymond

Grandmaster Raymond Lo is well known to the world for being a great Feng shui and destiny consultant, author and teacher. He had over 30 years of practical experience and he taught the Raymond Lo school of Feng Shui and Destiny practitioners training program all over the world with over 5000 students. He has written many popular books and most of them are translated and published into different languages.

Casting and Interpreting the I Ching

DR. João Borges

The I Ching is a widely known and acknowledged subject, albeit still unknown. Most people associate casting the I Ching to coins and yarrow stalks. However there are literally hundreds of methods to cast hexagrams which maybe more appropriate. This workshop shows how to cast hexagrams with western hours, with numbers, with words and with octagonal dice. Then, almost invariably the interpretation is left to the reading of obscure, ancient and over translated texts, which many times don’t make any sense. João will introduce tools how to interpret hexagrams through the image method, without relying on any classical text. This workshop is aimed at beginner / intermediate level but also useful for advanced practitioners.

About João

João has been studying, practising and teaching Feng Shui for more than 30 years. His worldwide teaching has led to hundreds of students and graduates. He is currently the director of the Portuguese School of Feng Shui, President of The Portuguese Feng Shui Association, Director of The Macrobiotic School in Lisbon , co-founder of the One World Festival and Head of Research on The Feng Shui Society Executive.

He as a PhD in Hydraulics from the University of Brighton and also dedicates his life to Oriental Astrology and I Ching. He is the author of “The Great Book of the I Ching” published in Portuguese by Farol, 2020.

Applying Feng Shui to Working from Home

Simon Brown

As more people engage in remote working due to Covid-19 and modern working preferences, this presentation explores how to apply feng shui to create the best environments for being successful in remote working. The session includes choosing locations, setting up a work space, applying Feng shui to the work area as well as creating space to reduce stress and maximise long term health. The recommendations draw on good evidence-based research. As remote working becomes more popular there are increased opportunities to apply Feng shui to this growing new development in how populations work. Feng shui can be applied both from the perspective of the employer and employee for mutual success.

About Simon

Simon is the author of nine books on feng shui. Practical Feng Shui and The Feng Shui Bible have become best sellers. He has worked with many leading businesses on helping create the idea work environment. These include British Airways, Carlsberg, China Construction Bank, Croxley Business Park and The Heron Tower. Other projects include Paris Airports, The Body Shop and Mandali Spa Village. Simon is the chair of the Feng Shui Society and an international feng shui teacher. Simon also runs an online Feng Shui Training that leads to accreditation with the Feng Shui Society.

Relating Feng Shui to The Physical World

Grand Master / Dr. Stephen Skinner

Stephen will be looking at the history of the Luopan and whether you use a Luopan inside the house. He will explore the real world basis behind many Feng Shui formulae. For example:

  • Do the 20-year Flying Star Periods or Ages really line up with the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction? When is Period 9 really going to begin?
  • Why is the inside of a curved road better Feng Shui than the outside of the curve? What is the real-world basis of this rule?
  • When should you use magnetic north, and when should you use map north.
  • Which is better, real water or a large mural of a waterfall?
  • What really is the colour of water? Black, blue or clear?
  • How is a wulu related to health? And should you use a metal or a dried gourd wulu? Or both?
  • What changes every 72 years, and why?
  • Can you use Flying Star Palace divisions outside the house?
  • How do you relate Flying star Palaces to an irregular house?

About Stephen

Dr. Stephen Skinner was awarded the title of Grand Master in Feng Shui by The International Feng Shui Association in 2015 in Shanghai. He is the author of 15 Feng Shui books, translated into 20+ different languages, including best sellers Feng Shui Style and Flying Star Feng Shui, four translations of Chinese Feng Shui classics and more technical books like Guide to the Feng Shui Compass.

Stephen launched Feng Shui for Modern Living monthly magazine, whose first issue sold 121,000 copies a month, more than either Elle Décor or Wallpaper magazines in the UK. And was nominated ‘Publisher of the Year’ for his outstanding magazine work. This magazine helped popularise Feng Shui round the world, distributed in 41 countries. Founder of the ‘London International Feng Shui Conference,’ the largest Feng Shui conference ever to happen in UK/Europe. Esteemed Feng Shui speaker in the Doyle lectures in New York, with Martha Stewart Living and Country Living magazines. Honoured for his contributions to traditional Chinese culture in the Philippines, by the Mayor of Manila. Founding committee member of the IFSA (International Feng Shui Association) Committee, along with Masters Tan Koon Yong, Yap Cheng Hai, Vincent Koh and Raymond Lo. Stephen lectures at the annual IFSA Convention and offers courses in San He Feng Shui and using the Luopan.

How to use Art & Feng Shui to Manifest your Dreams & Intentions

Patricia Lohan

Feng Shui Expert Patricia Lohan will walk through her process & experience of using Art with her clients to anchor in their dreams & intentions using Artwork and the Feng Shui Bagua.

About Patricia

Patricia Lohan is the Founder of Power House Feng Shui and the Author of The Happy Home – A guide to creating a happy healthy home, she is known for making has been featured in the New York Times & Forbes. Patricia offers a Feng Shui Mastery program.

Analysing the Bazi of The United States – A fool-proof procedure

Dr. Lily Chung

More than 2000 years ago, I Ching codes were first used to divine the destiny of a country with some success. Combining the I Ching and Bazi codes or using the Bazi codes alone to do divination for a nation or firm has been a relatively recent practice; quite popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This application is, however, relatively little-known to western practitioners. Also the students that do know this application usually raise fundamental questions on how to apply Bazi to understand the destiny of a country or a company. This will provide great insights, introducing the application to the western world. How good is this method? The United States stands as an example for good reasons. Aside from being the Super Power – touching the mind and hearts of the majority of the global population, it has a short but eventful history to provide current and relevant stories that are familiar to the audience, to prove a point. Above all, recently, the country is making more shakes and shocks than ever, rattling the world far and wide – making for a fascinating analysis.

About Lily

Lily is a world renowned expert in Chinese Metaphysics. With a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Minnesota, she first taught this subject at colleges in USA and Hong Kong, her home city. She then dedicated her life to pursue knowledge in Natural Laws such as Bazi, I Ching and the study and understanding of the Cosmic Flow. She began this pursuit with a passion for the truth and a reverence for life. Why were we born unequal? What is the root of this inequality? Why does a person go through a life of ups and downs? How do we attune to cosmic inequality to lead a better life? Lily is the author of many pioneering books such as the four pillars astrology books such as “Bazi Frontiers, Cosmic Geography of Success” and “Succeed Naturally, the I Ching Way”. From her home base in San Francisco CA, she has trained other world known Bazi masters and also taught in Europe. It is her passion that we all have access to the wisdom of the Natural Laws, so that we may all learn how to handle adversity and achieve success.

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