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We recommend that the public should check with individual consultants that their insurance is still valid when booking a consultation. We cannot verify that members in any other countries have insurance and we suggest you ask the consultants directly before booking a feng shui consultation. The Feng Shui Society does not accept any responsibility for the advice, recommendations or actions of its members.

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Richard Creightmore

Contact Information
Business Name: Land & Spirit
Crowborough Road, Nutley, TN22 3HY United Kingdom
Consultant Profile
Professional Bio:

Richard Creightmore, M.A.(Oxon.), B.Ac., holds degrees in geography and acupuncture and has been in professional feng shui practice since 1985. He is the author of  'Feng Shui - Secrets of Chinese Geomancy' (Wooden Books 2011), and consults and teaches in southern England and world-wide.

Richard has wide experience with large and small domestic, agricultural, and commercial properties, and works with classical Forms and bespoke Compass Schools as well as a range of allied and contemporary modalities, specialising in medical geomancy, earth-acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress and spirit disturbances, and dowsing for water sources.

Short courses and full professional training programmes in Feng Shui and other geomantic disciplines are offered by Richard, in partnership with Julie Rocka, through Land and Spirit, East Sussex, U.K.. Details can be found at

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