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The Feng Shui Society accepts no responsibility for the consultants and teacher’s insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the consultant/ teacher can provide evidence that they hold their own public liability insurance.

All the consultants listed on our register have been professionally accredited by The Feng Shui Society, the only independent professional registering body in the UK and Europe.

We recommend that the public should check with individual consultants that their insurance is still valid when booking a consultation. We cannot verify that members in any other countries have insurance and we suggest you ask the consultants directly before booking a feng shui consultation. The Feng Shui Society does not accept any responsibility for the advice, recommendations or actions of its members.

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Nuala Hume

Contact Information
Business Name: Nuala Hume
Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom
07980 449938
Consultant Profile
Professional Bio:

Nuala Hume

is a classically trained Feng Shui consultant, and accredited teacher by the Feng Shui Society. Using a unique combination of holistic wellbeing with feng shui to help optimize the chi, the energy in the home or workplace. Sometimes you may feel the energy as heavy or dense, maybe communication is poor, maybe you notice a disharmony in relationships, or perhaps you cannot sell your home?

Small simple changes, using Feng Shui can make the world of difference, and it is exciting to see people take on board the changes and noticing the results.

So what happens during a Feng Shui consultation?

During the consultation a survey of the property will be conducted with the owner. What they like, don't like, want to change. Then after, calculations will be taken with another review and a summary report written. A final walk round at the end and recommendations to the owners. What is unique is that the consultation is taken from both an intuitive and logical angle, thereby providing a full rounded review.

The consultation includes:

* Initial brief of why a consultation is required
* Evaluation of the property both external and internal includes but not limited to: form,
flying stars, annual stars, bagua
* Recommendations and feedback discussion
* Summary report on site
* Full written report
* Follow up communication


Feng Shui may be useful if you want to:
* To improve the energy in and around your current property
* Have an annual review of your property, since some aspects change each year
* If you are trying to sell your home
* When you are starting fresh in a new home

Distant Feng Shui Consultations

With modern technology it is possible to do consultations at a distance, by providing floor plans, photos and looking on Google Earth, the full details of the property can be reviewed. Distant consultations can only be performed if the property is at a distance away.

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