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The Feng Shui Society accepts no responsibility for the consultants and teacher’s insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the consultant/ teacher can provide evidence that they hold their own public liability insurance.

All the consultants listed on our register have been professionally accredited by The Feng Shui Society, the only independent professional registering body in the UK and Europe.

The Feng Shui Society require our UK and Ireland based professional consultant members to be insured each time they renew their annual membership. We recommend that the public should check with individual consultants that their insurance is still valid when booking a consultation. We cannot verify that members in any other countries have insurance and we suggest you ask the consultants directly before booking a feng shui consultation. The Feng Shui Society does not accept any responsibility for the advice, recommendations or actions of its members.

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Rua Antonio Gedeao no. 10, 2B, Quinta do Anjo, Portugal
+351 969 690 979
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ENG: José Lourenço develops his activity as a Classic Feng Shui Practitioner in Portugal using the methods of Xuan Kong Fei Sin – Flying Stars - and Xuan Kong Da Gua – Hexagrams. His purpose is, in addition to improving the quality of life os its clients by harmonizing spaces, contribute to a greater awareness of the residents/occupants to their surroundings – indoor and outdoor influence.

In addition to the professional Feng Shui consulting for Homes and Business, collaborates with the Portuguese National School of Feng Shui where he teaches Level III on the subject of Xuan Kong Da Gua. Occasionally also develops workshops on the principles of Feng Shui in many parts of the country.

With a degree in Interior Design since 2003, he also uses Feng Shui as a complement to his profession by applying its principles in his interior design projects – housing and business.

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PTG:  José Lourenço desenvolve a sua atividade como Consultor Profissional de Feng Shui Clássico em Portugal utilizando os métodos de Xuan Kong Fei Sin - Estrelas Voadoras e Xuan Kong Da Gua – Hexagramas. O seu objetivo é, para além de melhorar a qualidade de vida dos seus clientes através da harmonização dos espaços, contribuir para uma maior consciencialização dos habitantes / ocupantes para com o seu meio envolvente – interior e exterior.

Para além da consultoria profissional em Feng Shui para Habitações e Negócios, colabora com a Escola Nacional de Feng Shui onde leciona o nível III sobre a matéria Xuan Kong Da Gua. Ocasionalmente desenvolve também workshops sobre os princípios do Feng Shui em vários pontos do país.

Licenciado em Design de Interiores desde 2003, também utiliza o Feng Shui como complemento da sua profissão, aplicando os seus princípios nos projetos de interiores que desenvolve – habitação e negócio.

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