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Find a consultant near you


All the consultants listed on our register have been professionally accredited by The Feng Shui Society, the only independent professional registering body in the UK and Europe.

The Feng Shui Society require our UK and Ireland based professional consultant members to be insured each time they renew their annual membership. We recommend that the public should check with individual consultants that their insurance is still valid when booking a consultation.

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Dawn Gibbins MBE

    Contact Information
    Business Name: Feng Shui Rebel
    Heather Bank Farm, Congleton Edge, Cheshire, CW12 3NA
    Consultant Profile
    Professional Bio:

    Dawn believes Feng Shui helps you discover true inner happiness, by providing you with simple tools to discover the real you, which guide you on a journey to living a truly authentic life.

    Feng Shui transformed Dawns’ Life and Career in 2002, she has used elements of Feng Shui every day since, in her personal life, business life and community life.

    Dawn’s passion is to help you celebrate life, love and leadership.


    Dawn’s Feng Shui offerings are focused on:  

    Your Life – Feng Shui Astrology to find your Purpose, Passion and Power. 

    Your Love Life – Feng Shui Astrology to find your soul mate or to deepen a connection.  

    Your Home Life – Happy Home Survey 

    Your Business Life – Happy Business Survey

    Your Community Life – Happy Community Survey 


    In Feng Shui Astrology Dawn is a 629 Leader (6), Carer (2), Illuminator (9). Dawn is an international public speaker and teacher; she shares her passion for Feng Shui on stage inspiring and encouraging audiences to find their Purpose Passion and Power with Feng Shui. 

    To Connect with Dawn please email her on: 

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