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The FSS checks that members have insurance at the time of joining and renewing their membership, but cannot confirm insurance is currently in place. Please ask the consultant for a copy of their insurance to ensure it is current. The FSS accepts no liability for any issues that arise from consultations, courses or teaching but will help resolve any disputes through our complaints process.

All the consultants listed on our register have been professionally accredited by The Feng Shui Society, the only independent professional registering body in the UK and Europe.

The Feng Shui Society require our UK and Ireland based professional consultant members to be insured each time they renew their annual membership. We recommend that the public should check with individual consultants that their insurance is still valid when booking a consultation.

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Jan Cisek

Jan Cisek MSc Feng Shui Expert London UK
Contact Information
Business Name: Feng Shui London
Chelsea, London SW3, United Kingdom
+44 7956 288574
Consultant Profile
Work Areas:
Professional Bio:

is a leading-edge international feng shui expert, consultant, trainer, mentor and writer with over 35+ years of experience in feng shui, with a background in interior design, design, branding and Environmental Psychology (MSc), based in London, UK. He was a co-founder of the Feng Shui Society of Great Britain in 1993 and the editor of the Feng Shui Society Journal (2000-2001). He’s the first feng shui consultant in the UK with a Master’s degree in Environmental Psychology (from the University of Surrey, UK) and is currently a PhD candidate/researcher in feng shui. To find out more, visit Jan Cisek’s website. Jan is pioneering feng shui research at the Feng Shui Society.

Jan is fully insured and a full member of the Feng Shui Society, which is governed by a strict Code of Practice and Ethics, which ensures the highest standards of feng shui practice and client care, as well as a Member of the International Association of Applied Psychology and British Society for Ecological Medicine.

Feng Shui Society
Jan has earned the prestigious distinction of Fellow of the Feng Shui Society, a testament to his remarkable three-decade journey of dedication to the Society’s evolution and professional development. This accolade honours his unwavering commitment and significant contributions to the proliferation and enhancement of feng shui, not only within the UK and Europe but also globally. His pioneering research and influential PhD work on feng shui have played a pivotal role in shaping the contemporary understanding and application of feng shui principles, thereby forging new frontiers in this ancient practice. Jan's scholarly rigour and pioneering, as well as innovative approach, have cemented his status as a vanguard of feng shui's modern renaissance.

Jan’s feng shui style is eclectic, contemporary, and person-centred. In his feng shui work, he incorporates three main feng shui schools of thought: classical feng shui, contemporary feng shui and scientific/evidence-based feng shui, and virtual feng shui and Environmental Psychology. Jan is a pioneering feng shui expert and researcher who merges rigorous science with a profound enquiry into metaphysical dimensions.

The feng shui consultation (for homes, businesses, corporate and public buildings) includes
1) Finding out your personal or business or corporate needs
2) All aspects of feng shui (placement, colour, interior design aspects, bagua, directions, environmental stressors and more)
3) Some aspects of feng shui astrology to address the time aspects of feng shui (if you need this, please provide DOBs before the visit)
4) A follow-up, fine-tuning consultation is included (within 3-6 months)

The consultation will last up to 2 hours, depending on the property and a professional feng shui report will be emailed to you.
The fee depends on the nature of the consultation (onsite / online / home / business) and location (see below). If you have any questions, please call or text me on 07956 288 574 / +44 7956 288 574 now or email for a feng shui quote

Remote / online feng shui consultations
With online, remote feng shui consultations, you can enjoy the full benefits of feng shui at a fraction of an on-site feng shui consultation. Remote or online feng shui advice for homes, businesses, selling properties, branding, logo design and auspicious date selection is available. You’d need to email me the links to visuals or plans and some photos and show me the property via Skype/ FaceTime/ WhatsApp/ Zoom. Find out more about remote feng shui consultations

My online / remote feng shui consultation includes:
All aspects of feng shui (Bagua, placement, colours, layouts, orientations, images, symbols, etc)
Checking Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): geopathic stress and solutions, advice only on EMF /electromagnetic smog pollution, dirty electricity and solutions
Feng shui astrology analyses, which is optional (If required, please provide DOBs before the consultation) for up to 4 resident family members
Actual consultation – which will last up to 2 hours
A complete written feng shui report (by email)
Full unlimited support during the whole process for the next 3-6 months (via email / Skype/telephone)
My feng shui approach is person-centred, evidence-based and holistic/integrative (I’m a scientist and environmental psychologist as well with almost 40 years of experience) and solution-centred, so I’ll focus on comprehensive solutions that will specifically work for you
Follow-up fine-tuning consultation if necessary once you've done most of the improvements (within 3-6 months) via Skype/FaceTime/phone/other
If the actual feng shui or interior design interventions (i.e. mirrors, pictures, dirty electricity filters, etc) are suggested by the consultant, these would be at an additional charge, or you are responsible for purchasing them

Feng shui logos design and branding – design and optimise your logo and your brand with feng shui principles
Feng Shui Logos is a consultancy that specialises in feng shui logo design and aligning your brand with the feng shui of your business. We offer feng shui logo design, complete feng shui web design, feng shui graphic design and business card design. More info on feng shui logo design

Jan’s work has been featured in magazines and newspapers, from Vogue to the Evening Standard to Daily Mail to the Financial Times. His programs on feng shui for GMTV attracted 8 million viewers. He also won the competition when he took part in the TV program Housebusters and he appeared on BBC’s Top Gear talking about feng shuing cars and BBC News.

“I had a fascinating time with him as he travelled around my ‘stressed out’ environment.”
Princess Diana, in a letter to a friend in June 1994

Corporate: Ericsson, Do It All, Cable & Wireless, Friends Provident, Croner CCH Publications, Sony, Columbia Records, BMG, Arista Records, Radio Zet, Hairstylist Paul Edmonds, Yo-Sushi, Yauatcha, Hakkasan, TANK, Young Living, Stanhope as well as hotels, casinos, shops and other businesses.
Celebrities: Sir Michael and Lady Caine, the late Princess Diana, Kiki Dee, Julia Stephenson, Alidad, Andrea Ustinov, Anna Pasternak, superstar DJ and record producer Paul Oakenfold, golfer Michael Campbell and others

Why choose Jan as your feng shui expert?

1) Years of feng shui experience: Over 40+ years of active feng shui practice and experience in classical and modern feng shui as well as vastu shastra.
2) Number of feng shui consultations: Thousands of consultations to date, onsite and remote/online (over 10,000 consultations).
3) Professionalism:
A) Insurance (not all feng shui consultants are insured).
B) Continuing Professional Development, thousands of CPD hours/year, especially now during PhD research in feng shui (not all consultants are doing this).
C) Regular mentoring/supervision (very few consultants have this).
D) Professional reports are emailed (not all feng shui consultants are doing this)
4) Holistic approach: Encompassing classical feng shui, modern feng shui, and evidence-based feng shui with a host of related disciplines such as environmental psychology, cognitive ergonomics, etc.
5) Expertise in modern environmental stressors: Includes electromagnetic pollution and radiation, dirty electricity, geopathic stress, air pollution, and more.
6) Practical and aesthetic solutions: Background in design and interior design to ensure feng shui aligns with your taste and decor. The approach is 100% solution-focused, suggesting natural solutions and incorporating spiritual and emotional balance.
7) Evidence-based feng shui that you can trust: Most of the advice is evidence-based, ensuring trust and confidence in its effectiveness.
8) A person-centred and solution-focused feng shui approach: Offers unique and tailor-made feng shui solutions that work for you, your home, and your workplace.
9) Empowering feng shui: Provides sound, practical, factual, and empowering advice (unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense and false-problem feng shui published online).
10) Availability: Works onsite and online, virtually, if an onsite visit is not possible.

Holistic feng shui: MOT your home, workplace and business to keep your environment working for you every year
 Feng shui logo design, branding, and website design – energise and optimise your brand and logo for maximum impact
Increase your personal luck factor with feng shui
Feng shui mentoring: advice on feng shui consultations, studying feng shui, professional feng shui report writing, taking your feng shui consultancy to the next level, etc
Vastu shastra consultancy
Finding auspicious dates for starting a business, weddings, moving home, selling properties, etc
Spiritual feng shui
Buying and selling properties with feng shui
 Remote feng shui / distant, online, virtual feng shui consultations: call/text me at +44 7956 288574 or email for a quote

Where I work
I am based in Chelsea, London, SW3, UK, where I work. I do travel in the UK and sometimes abroad.
I also work online and offer remote feng shui consultations via Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime and telephone.

My fees
feng shui consultations in the London area start from £800. Business rates vary depending on the size and complexity of the work.
Online feng shui home and business consultations are available and the fees start at £500.

If you have any questions please call / text / Whatsapp me on 07956 288 574 / +44 7956 288 574

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The FSS checks that members have insurance at the time of joining and renewing their membership, but cannot confirm insurance is currently in place. Please ask the consultant for a copy of their insurance to ensure it is current. The FSS accepts no liability for any issues that arise from consultations, courses or teaching but will help resolve any disputes through our complaints process.