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Veronica Zanetti

Contact Information
Business Name: equilibrio & armonia
+4179 310 42 53
Consultant Profile
Other Modalities Practised: Corporate
Professional Bio:

My journey into the metaphysic world began in 2012 with my first Feng Shui course in Verona, Italy and my Consultant accreditation in 2014.

The desire of improving the quality of my services pushed me to strengthen my foundations, so I followed a further two years Classical Feng Shui course in UK with Master Howard Choy, founder of the ECOFS Berlin.

The passion for the subject and the desire to help people drived me to continue my studies, so I deepened my knowledge and gained advanced skills in flying stars (FSXK) and 8mansion – Naja system (BZMJ).

Eager to raise my level even further for the benefit of my clients, I challenge myself into the study of BaZi and followed courses with different masters. My studies were and are based on classical method.

During the years I also gained skills on how to deal with geopatic stress energy; I attended Interior design course and graduated as 3ds Max modelling specialist (Autodesk Certified Professional), that allowed me to provide a 360° consultation.

EXPERTISE: Feng Shui Consultation - online, Chinese Astrology Consultation - online
WORK AREAS: Switzerland, Europe, Online

Further information about me and my services, as well as some projects, are visible
on my website: www.equilibrioarmonia.com

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