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Tanya Fox

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Business Name: The Scottish Feng Shui Centre
16 Blacket Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1RL United Kingdom
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My feng shui approach
Tanya practices traditional feng shui with an intuitive and practical approach (based in Edinburgh Scotland). Tanya incorporates into her work modern scientific research into healthy living and working conditions.  Her approach is empowering: firstly by providing a deep insight into the close interaction between you and your environment; secondly by teaching a range of effective techniques to improve issues such as health, relationships, prosperity, success, confidence, and achievement of ambitions.

The Scottish Feng Shui Centre, Edinburgh Scotland
The Scottish Feng Shui Centre in Edinburgh Scotland provides workshops and lectures on feng shui. The Centre's aim is to raise awareness of the increasing scope and importance of feng shui: in particular the combination of core feng shui principles with modern scientific research into how our living and working environments affect us, our health, relationships and well being.

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