Sue Holmes

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    Bath, Somerset BA1 United Kingdom
    07786 291967
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    Professional Bio:

    Thorough, grounded and passionate about transformation, I have over 20 years’ experience as a feng shui practitioner. I put my heart and soul into my work so you can expect noticeable results!

    I take a holistic approach, adding modern healthy home techniques (EMFs), and land harmonization to my classical feng shui consultations. I also offer a space clearing.

    I am a member of the FSS committee, have studied with world-class teachers, and helped clients in every imaginable space. 

    Residential feng shui: I offer practical solutions to harmonize your home and support health, relationships, wealth and happiness.

    Business feng shui: Practical, effective, business-focused recommendations that support success and expansion, help maximize potential revenues and improve staff and customer relations.

    Feng shui garden design: I work with you to create a beautiful garden that is in harmony with your home and lifestyle.

    Feng Shui to sell a house: Highlighting the best features of the house, and remedying any feng shui issues, maximizing the appeal to potential buyers.

    Feng Shui new build: Applying feng shui principles to the design of a building, ensuring the most harmonious and supportive environment for homes and businesses.

    Other services:

    Space clearing ceremonies

    Professional training in space clearing (starts February 2018)

    EMF survey - healthy home consultations 

    • Land healing - harmonizing earth energies

     Book a consultation on 07786 291967, or contact me by email.


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