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Sofia started this journey dreaming of houses and homes every night, big, small, new, old, inhabited or not. Without knowing how She started looking for information about Feng Shui in 2002.  She went to the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, IMP, starting my studies in 2004.

It was as if a whole new universe opened before my eyes. All the symbolic thinking of this ancient Chinese art fit into my life in a natural way. She began to observe everything from a new point of view, feeling the chi walking its way, faster, slower, stagnant, fluid …

Feng Shui presented me with a new “alphabet”, where She fully see myself. It is a holistic view, not only of body and mind but of dwellings and emotions.

Feng Shui in my life
Sofia has extended her knowledge to both the Classical Feng Shui (School of the Mystery of the Void, Yuen Hom) and to the creation and systematization of Symbolic and Intuitive Feng Shui in a symbolic, cyclical, and increasingly shamanic approach.

Between 2004 and 2005 She began practicing with consultations and teaching in the three years of the IMP Course. She was the coordinator of the ENFS course at IMP between 2008 and 2009. Then She was the coordinator and creator of the Curricular Course at BaZi, at IMP, in 2014.
In 2016 Sofia launched the three-volume Symbolic House Collection, where She systematize all the information about the symbolic approach. Sofia also defined the steps for Professional Certification in Symbolic Feng Shui.
At the moment, in 2017, at the invitation of Francisco Varatojo and his team, She coordinate the Feng Shui course at IMP. A course that has been completely refurbished, from the subject to the teachers.

At this moment She teach Symbolic Feng Shui® I, II and III, as well as Bazi, or 4 pillars of destiny I, II and III. She gave other subjects among which: Classical School II (interpretation and exterior), YiJing (I-Ching), Introduction to the School of Form (interior and exterior), Consultation Process III and various practical classes and questions on various subjects (bazhai, feisin, sangset, 24 imperial stars, sat positions water methods).

My approach
In her journey, Sofia was interested in Feng Shui consultations in an intuitive way to women, because it was with these analyses that She was refining the art of interpretation. Along this path, She chose to dedicate herself entirely to the most intuitive and symbolic aspect of this art. She has been a consultant recommended by IMP since 2006 and by Espaço Amar.

Serpente da Lua
The Serpente da Lua (in English: Moon Serpent) project is an organic and dynamic, dedicated to this symbolic, intuitive, cyclic, lunar and creative art. She is grateful to the universe, to the body and to those who inspire me!

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