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Rita O’Brien

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3 Sycamore Court, Pangboune, West Berkshire RG8 7BN, United Kingdom
+44 7593 133332​⁠​
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I trained in the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Reading. which has an emphasis on teaching the law of the 5 Elements. I am a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of experience is many acute areas of illness. Dip. Medical Ethics,  Feng Shui training with Jon Sandifer for 1 year and a further 2 years with  Kajal Sheth.

This is a course based on the teachings of Grand Master Chan where the lineage dates back to the Imperial Courts of China. He has founded the Chue foundation, which I belong, it brings together consultants who are trained to a high standard in the traditional way. From working in the health sector for many years, I have observed that our environment, both internal and external plays a major part in our well being. The skills taught in Feng Shui helps us live in harmony and respect for our surroundings.

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