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Petra Coll Exposito

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Potsdam, Germany
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Petra Coll Exposito lives in Germany and engages herself as a professional Feng Shui consultant for business and private households worldwide for over decades already.

Due to her numerous consultant travels over the world giving detailed advice of Feng Shui to her multinational customers, she becomes more and more conscious of the power of Feng Shui. Her Feng Shui knowledge focuses on the fact that the layout of one’s work and residence area bear great significance.

Having founded the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence, she gives her students the opportunity to gain solid and powerful knowledge in various areas of classical Feng Shui.

Apart from her regular consultation, she examines historic as well as new buildings in Europe from the Feng Shui perspective thus making the science of authentic Feng Shui more popular.

She takes an inspiration of the famous remark of Lao Zi as her life motto:
"To look for knowledge means to gain, day by day."

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