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Business Name: Professional Feng Shui
8 Fairlawn Park, Windsor, SL4 4HL United Kingdom
07752 852 864
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Kristina Neuhauser, BA ZI Master, Feng Shui Master​

As BA ZI Master, Kristina specializes in​ ​BA ZI ​consultations and ​BA ZI ​seminars in the UK.​ Her expertise in Authentic Chinese Horoscopes is enriched by decades of reading experiences. As a BA ZI teacher, she has a professional know how. Along with Chinese Horoscope Consultations and seminars, she also offers Horoscope Webinars.​

As an FS Master, with ​her ability as a creative consultant, she will find solutions for your special needs. Her FS knowledge has helped so many clients providing high-quality FS solutions for residential and businesses. Being an Accredited consultant of the FS Society UK  & Accredited teacher of the Chue Foundation, she contributes to the good reputation of the ancient FS wisdom in the UK.


Her Special Talents

BA ZI Master specializes in​ ​BA ZI ​consultations and ​BA ZI seminars in the UK ​.

Her expertise in Authentic Chinese Horoscopes are decades of Readings.

As an FS Master ​her ability as a creative adviser she can find solutions for your special needs.

Inspiration with keen sensitivity and unique awareness as a Feng Shui expert and a Chinese Horoscope professional.​


Areas of Expertise

​Authentic ​Chinese Horoscope Readings.

BA ZI Authentic Chinese Horoscope Seminars and Webinars​.

Director ​and Teacher of the ‘Imperial School of Feng Shui’ in Windsor, England​.

Director and Teacher of ​the ‘Imperial School of Feng Shui’ ​in ​Budapest, Hungary​.​

Accredited consultant of the ‘Feng Shui Society UK’.

​Accredited teacher of ​the Chue Foundation ​UK​. ​


Work Areas

Greater London area and Berkshire in the UK, France, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria.


​Master Kristina's​ Feng Shui Services:​

Feng Shui  Home as a Sacred Place ​consultations and workshops​.

Create Beauty In Your Garden With Feng Shui​ consultations and workshops​


Master Kristina's Chinese Horoscope services:

​Individual Chinese Horoscope Reading​s.

Personal Yearly ​Prediction​ based on the  Moving Life House and Flying Stars.

Personal Yearly Prediction course for the advanced FS consultant.

As a BA ZI Horoscope Master, she draws from the vast experience she gained from many years of private readings. The Ba Zi was traditionally used in China to gain clarity of the attitudes, reactions, and behaviors that enriched or disrupted your relationships, career, and health in the past.


Master Kristina's ​Chue Style Feng Shui Courses

Authentic Chinese Astrology Course for the advanced FS consultant​

Simple Chinese Astrology for All- Beginner course in Chinese astrology​

Introduction to Chue Style Feng Shui

Intermediate​ Chue Style​ Feng Shui Course

Advanced Chue Style​ Feng Shui Course

9th Fate Course for the advanced FS consultant​


For more information and prices, please contact Master Kristina as follows:


London Office: +44 1753 842 047

Mobile: +44 7752 852 864

Skype: graciouslightworker





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