Joao Borges

Contact Information
Ohsawa House, 3 Hamsey Close, Brighton, BN2 5GQ
07500 868712, +351 932821282
Consultant Profile
Professional Bio:

João is a Feng Shui Consultant and teacher with 30 years experience in the field. He studied extensively first modern Feng Shui and then classical Feng Shui from various masters. He currently specializes in Xuan Kong Flying Star, 64 Hexagrams & Date Selection. Having a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering he enjoys to be involved in the design of buildings from the beginning to maximize the potential of auspicious qi and bring in long-lasting prosperity, health and wealth to a business, family or individual.

He is also one of the rare practitioners to have knowledge of yin zhai in the West  (Feng Shui for graves). Other areas of interest include the study of the I Ching. He runs the National Portuguese School of Feng Shui since 1997, one of the largest and oldest schools in Europe and is also available for private tuition in the UK. He has a selected list of Feng Shui clients in Europe and Asia and travels internationally.

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