Feng Shui Consultants

Irina Simakova

Contact Information
Business Name: Harmony Concepts
Russia, Moscow
+7 (916) 199-91-98
Consultant Profile
Professional Bio:

As Founder of HARMONY CONCEPTS, Irina has been inspiring clients and directing Feng Shui projects since 2009 throughout Russia, Europe and internationally.

Having graduated with distinction from the European College of Feng Shui under the guidance of Howard Choy, a renowned Feng Shui architect and Qigong Master, Irina studied classical Feng Shui, date selection, face reading and prognostic techniques with top Chinese, Malaysian and Singapore Masters.

Irina featured as a guest speaker on TV and online media and acted as a Feng Shui adviser to a publishing house.

Individual and corporate clients benefit from Irina’s holistic approach. She believes that environment is a reflection of our life scenario. Irina applies Feng Shui methodology as well as principles of mathematical harmony and natural philosophy in design and architecture to ensure that the environment is practically efficient and encourages positive changes for her clients.

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