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Amanda Kenton

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Business Name: Soothing Spaces
3 Drummond Drive, Stanmore, HA7 3PF United Kingdom
07970 521 787
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Trained in both traditional and modern, intuitive schools, Amanda employs a personalized and holistic approach. She set up Soothing Spaces to create working and living spaces which are positive and, as a qualified Interior Designer with 20 years' experience in both residential and commercial work, she makes practical and creative recommendations.

Her work has been featured by the Financial Times and the BBC radio breakfast show. Visit www.soothingspaces.co.uk www.soothingspaces.co.uk to register for our FREE emailed newsletter, with our latest tips and information.

A full feng shui consultation includes:
• An initial site visit lasting approximately 2 hrs.
• 9  Ki, including Oriental Health report and beneficial directions, etc. for occupants of the building and (for companies) key personnel.
• A comprehensive written report, explaining and summarising recommendations in detail.
• Sketch plans to illustrate recommendations.
• 1 hour's follow-up visit and/or phone calls, to be pre-booked, during the 6 months following the consultation.

Recommendations typically include(where relevant):
• Furniture arrangement
• Colour schemes and decor
• Classical and Form School Feng Shui 'cures'
• Suggestions for artwork, including custom-made

Feng shui consultation fees
A one-off payment is normally made, typically ranging from £150 - £600 depending upon the size and location of the project, plus travel costs where applicable.

To book feng shui consultation
To contact us to discuss your feng shui requirements, please email amanda@soothingspaces.co.uk or use the contact form or call/text Amanda on 07970 521 787.

I offer feng shui consultations in London, Hertfordshire, and North London as well as the rest of the UK.

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