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Alexandra Berthault

Contact Information
Business Name: Chez Feng Shui
London SW6 United Kingdom
+44 7785501512
Consultant Profile
Professional Bio:

Alexandra Berthault-Bizer has been practicing holistic and complementary healing therapies since 2004.

Today, she is a Gold Level certified and professionally qualified consultant in Classical and Form Feng Shui. She is also an accredited member of the Feng Shui Society in the U.K.

In 2017, Alexandra also qualified in Land Clearing, Healing and Dowsing. Currently, she is consulting in the field of Chinese astrology.

Feel free to contact me at: www.chezfengshui.com or alexandrabizer@gmail.com

Feng Shui consultations (residential, office), Chinese Astrology (including compatibility analysis), Space clearing and crystal healing.


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