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Victoria Mohajerin

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Business Name: Victoria Mohajerin
London, UK
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Professional Bio:

Victoria is a certified professional Feng Shui Consultant and works in London. Her emphasis is on how you can improve your home or workspace to help you achieve more in life with strategic effort.

Being of Singaporean dual heritage, Victoria was exposed to feng shui from early childhood with a knack for eastern philosophy.

Born in the UK and raised between, London, Singapore and the Middle East, Victoria has a deep understanding of how different cultures view the world differently. She believes in combining Eastern and Western philosophies to achieve the best, practical outcome for her clients.

Victoria stayed in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore to train in the highest standards of practices in classical feng shui, personal life analysis - (Bazi) and I Ching - (mathematical forecasting), with the prestigious Grand Master Raymond Lo, School of Feng Shui and Destiny.

Victoria has undertaken further studies with Simon Brown, the author of best-selling Feng Shui book, ‘The Feng Shui Bible’ and Grand Master Stephen Skinner, the internationally acclaimed author and lecturer of Classical Feng Shui.

A law graduate and qualified coach, with over 17 years’ experience in the co-corporate sector, Victoria has been involved in estate and transformational projects, working with architects and service users to incorporate feng shui in the  re-design of commercial properties to strengthen leadership and support employees in large-scale organisations.

Victoria prides herself in applying a balanced and non-judgemental approach. Her work with individuals and families is strictly confidential, with a focus on creating a balanced home to unlock each person’s true potential, be it a young child, teenager or adult.


Feng Shui Consultations with Victoria:

Feng Shui consultations with Victoria can be in person or online. Feng Shui consultations include:

  • Written reports
  • Design and layout drawings
  • Personalised life analysis astrology
  • On-going advice.

Email: info@fengshuibyvictoria.com or call 07535147888 for more details.

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