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House Clinic, London, E13 8QT United Kingdom
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I have devoted over 20 years of mine to Feng Shui as a practitioner both in China and the UK since 1990. I was born in Beijing, China and had my most education over there. I was sceptical about this old superstition before the consultation was done in my family house. And I had interested myself to this amazing “superstitious stuff” when I was offered the job I had been waiting for after graduation from the university a few days after the changes. I began a journey of self-learning, undertaking various courses and workshops in China.  I had the good fortune of meeting my English Feng Shui teacher Jon Sandifer in London and culminated in graduation from his Feng Shui accredited Practioner Training Course in 2008.

My approach to Feng Shui is one of the practical application of both Form and Compass looking at the shape and symbolism in the environment along with precise measurements taken with the compass and their association with your property and your life. It reveals the real-wealth potential locked inside these ancient secrets applying first-hand classical Feng Shui principles and techniques. Energy is in a constant state of change, and time never stands still. No structure will forever enjoy good or bad feng shui as it cycles through time. My classical Feng shui involves regular checkups and the periodic monitoring of the earth’s subtle forces. You will also learn about a little-known discrepancy between traditional or Classical Feng Shui, developed and practiced in Asia for thousands of years, and the new schools or Westernized Feng Shui, which began in the 1970s. Though developing expertise in this practice requires time, effort, and patience, my job will assist you in identifying environmental features that can bring financial success-or economic disaster. You will also discover an abundance of wealth-building wisdom known and practiced almost exclusively by highly-trained Feng Shui Masters around the world. I make the Flying Star chart onto your floor plan to examine the energy and to deal with inauspicious forces and improve benevolent energy when the timing is advantageous. Using my knowledge of bazi/four pillars astrology, I maximize the potential of the property and aligns it to suit the occupants.

I provide a three-step process of feng shui consultation

1. Assessment

With preliminary Feng Shui Consultation, client history and issues noted, dates of birth and floor plans discussed.

2. Survey

I will visit your property and perform a detailed survey of its form and compass orientation ensuring it’s suitability for the occupants.

3. Report

Comprehensive feng shui report given to the client will be despatched. (Report may be posted and discussed on the phone if the client prefers)

Service and Costs

As a Chinese Feng Shui consultant, I deliver services such as:

An all-purpose survey in a house and a year consecutive services cost £300 to £500 plus travel cost (for those clients out of London) include on-site investigation, a fully-written report and 1-year questions response service


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A Testimony to Feng Shui

A friend told me how an accident happened to him last year when his wife bought a few of fishes and kept in an aquarium at the northeast where the nasty 5 site star and "yellow 5" year star was hanging around over and switched on a pump for supply of oxygen. At the car accident, his left leg was broken as the nasty 5 stars got support from year 5 star and had been provoked by a water pump.

Facing: South

A brief introduction to Classical Feng Shui

Feng Shui means wind and water in the Chinese language. It is the ancient art of placement.  Feng Shui originated from the mountainous south-west region of China during the Han Dynasty (200 BC-AD 200). Feng shui was born out of the observation of the environment.

The ancients deduced that the energy of a location had something to do with it, so they raised questions. Would live near water or close to mountains affect people's luck and life events? The Chinese were tenacious in documenting the sophisticated body of knowledge that is the Feng Shui of today. It is a complex art involving many disciplines from site planning to psychology, based on the Chinese understanding of the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe. Directional energy- the flow of energy to your home or building-dictates the quality of a site. Therefore, Classical Feng Shui relies on a compass to determine physical orientation.  once a compass direction of a property is ascertained, a wealth of information is revealed.

Part of it involved the development of schematics and the organization of systems and techniques to assess environs, which included designing layouts, predicting outcomes, and altering the energy of a site.  Feng shui eventually came to address the following three areas of life: wealth, relationships, and health. Thus all techniques were formulated to encompass and amplify these fundamentals of the human experience. Basically, Classical Feng Shui has three main functions- corrective, to remedy existing problems: constructive, to enhance wealth or health or create specific outcomes: and predictive, to expose the past, accurately describe the present, and foretell the future.  outcomes are infinite because people are complex, and so are the structures we live in.  The scholars of old China embraced this secret school of knowledge and developed it into a sustainable, scientific, and practical cultural canon.

Classical Feng Shui, including all its various techniques, is a living science, deeply rooted in the traditional texts and practices based on thousands of years of empirical observation and knowledge. In essence, Feng Shui is not a spiritual pursuit; it does not spawn miracles, create magic, or bring overnight results. Its true purpose will help attract success, protect against misfortune, generate opportunities, enhance the quality of life, create a supportive space, and maximize potential.

Some people experienced fantastic success, while others faced great difficulty, depending on where they lived. we know it is natural for luck to cycle. Sometimes we are on top of the world and everything seems to go our way; other times we feel picked on and nothing is right. More than once I've heard about folks leaving a home they loved and going to one that brought them misfortune-divorce, affairs, illness, and bankruptcy, shortly after they moved in a most unlucky space, indeed. Remarkable, But this happens every day.

Classical Feng Shui provides a powerful collection of wealth-building tools if executed in accordance with ancient principles. If you want your environment to support your efforts in life, particularly wealth,  the outcome of classical Feng Shui consultation will open your eyes wide!. And remember this: Great Feng Shui increase your luck tremendously, but the rest is left up to the other two categories of luck- heaven luck and man luck since Feng Shui. As far as we know, Feng Shui isn't a cure-all. it is not the definitive solution-nothing is -it does give you a distinct advantage in life's ups and downs. Having said that, if you feel you are on a down cycle in life, good Feng Shui can lift you up and hold you steady.

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