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Jackie Tyrrell

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252 Goodwood Avenue, Hornchurch, RM12 6DH United Kingdom
07790 232086
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I have been an accredited feng shui consultant since 2004 and trained at Robert Grays' Feng Shui Academy. I also completed a 2 year accredited Classical Feng Shui course with Master Howard Choy who runs the European College of Feng Shui.

I am passionate about feng shui and enjoy sharing my knowledge, teaching on workshops and talking at events. I believe that by balancing the energies in your environment and by making simple and inexpensive alterations in your home or business, you can experience life-transforming changes which will help create a happier and brighter future.

My style of feng shui incorporates a broad range of knowledge including classical feng shui methods such as Form, Flying Stars, Bazhai and 9 Star Ki Astrology. This gives me the freedom to use what I feel most practical and efficient for each consultation I undertake.

I offer different levels of consultations, depending on your needs and budget. You may feel that something in your home or working environment is not quite right and a Healthy Home Consultation can help balance the energies. This service is highly recommended for when you move into a new property.

A Feng Shui consultation could help improve areas of your life where you need support. For a business, creating the right environment in your workplace can make a huge difference in staff performance and the success of your business.

No matter how big or small your garden is, good feng shui design in your garden will help attract nourishing, high-quality feng shui energy to your home as well as delight all your senses.

For more information on Feng Shui consultations for your home, business or garden, please visit: www.fengshuipathway.co.uk

Email: fengshuipathway@btinternet.com or call me on 07790 232086 to discuss your situation and book a consultation.

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