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Brenda Martin

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Business Name: Feng Shui Way
Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
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Professional Bio:

Feng Shui Consultant and Trainer, Online, Oxfordshire, Portugal

Brenda works with you to create balance, harmony and a positive change in your living or working environments. She offers practical methods of maximising your potential for wellbeing and success in all areas of your life. A Classical Feng Shui accredited consultant, she graduated in 2001 with Grand Master Raymond Lo in Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, BaZi Four Pillars and I Ching.

Brenda is also qualified in Holistic Stress Management and Nutrition and is a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, Royal Society for Public Health, and Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.

Her Consultation includes:

  • Optional lifestyle, stress management and nutrition support.
  • Personal Feng Shui Guide
  • Written report including floor plans and images
  • 3 Months’ free follow-up

Home: Maintaining your comfort and personal tastes, your home will be balanced and energised for happy and harmonious living for you and your family.

Workplace: Creating a harmonious, supportive working environment aims to improve opportunities for success, collaboration and productivity.

Consultancy Areas:
UK: Oxfordshire and Berkshire
Portugal: Cascais, Sintra, Algarve, Óbidos
Global: Online and Pre-Purchase evaluations

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View  Feng Shui Foundations Online Course

Brenda offers a self-paced online course, Feng Shui Foundations, attracting students globally since 2005. From beginner to good practice, in simple, illustrated steps, she teaches Classical Feng Shui and the effective application of its key principles, including her personal case studies and property challenges. Her easy student-tutor dialogue, and discussion of your personal feng shui challenges, enables clear understanding and experience.

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