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Two Day Foundation Level Course in Feng Shui Design with Edel Cleary

October 17, 2020 - October 18, 2020

This TWO DAY WORKSHOP is designed to introduce you to the key concepts of feng shui and the essential associated modalities of healthy homes, clutter clearing, earth energy and space clearing and their application to your home.
WHERE: River Holistic Centre Raheny Dublin. 
Weekend workshop FEE: €250 
On day one we will cover:
  • A detailed explanation of FENG SHUI its origins and its evolution and application for use in todays environment.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION; Geomancy, looking at the landscape, the position of your home within it. The shape of the plot and footprint of your building and how this impacts on your energy and that of your home.
  • Effects of trees, water and other natural features in your immediate surroundings
  • Effects of neighbouring buildings
  • CHI(positive, life giving energy) Vs SHA (harmful or diminishing energy) in your environment and within your home
  • The flow of the FIVE ELEMENTS in nature, mirroring the balance found in nature into your home
  • FORM SCHOOL; the fundamentals of feng shui
  • PLACEMENT of furnishings within your home
  • The I CHING TRIGRAMS and LO MAP, the energies of the different directions
  • Practical application of the BAGUA for your home; the energetic connection between different areas of your home and different areas of your life.
  • FENG SHUI CURES AND ENHANCEMENTS to improve the chi flow within your home. 
On day two we will cover:
  • THE BIGGER PICTURE; bringing balance to our homes.
  • Calculating your KUA; Your personal best directions to face while working and sleeping and how to mitigate for your more challenging directions. This will enable you to personalise the feng shui of your home, orienting furnishings to benefit your own personal energy and methods to mitigate for any negative energy where this is not possible. 
  • ENTRANCES; the mouth of chi (positive energy) to your home. How to optimise your entrance to attract chi into your home and therefore into your life.
  • BEDROOMS; a key area to support your energy as you rest and recuperate after a busy day. Ways to ensure that you are being energised and fully supported as your body regenerates at night
  • The energy of COLOUR 
  • GEOPATHIC STRESS; what is it? how does it impact our energy? and ways to mitigate for it in our modern environment.
  • EMF; We are all exposed to much larger and more challenging electromagnetic fields in our modern homes. We will explore ways to identify the most impactful sources and ways to mitigate for these.
  • CLUTTER CLEARING; clutter creates stagnation, literally keeping you stuck in the past. We go through ways to identify it, clear it and keep it clear and how this impacts on our personal energy and that of our homes and consequently our lives. 
  • CHEMICAL POLLUTION IN THE HOME; ways we are exposed to it, how to avoid it and make healthier choices. 
  • PLANTS; “how to grow fresh air” natures gift of balance for our homes. What type of plants to use in which areas to best improve the air quality and to reduce positive ions in the atmosphere.
  • SPACE CLEARING; cleansing and uplifting the atmosphere ofour homes. Every home has what we call “predecessor energy” it holds the energy of who occupied it before you. It also holds the energy of everything that has gone on in that space over time. Therefore, it is essential to regularly space clear our homes to clear out what we are now ready to release and to invite in positive and uplifting energy. 
  • FRAGRANT CHI; essential oils to cleanse and uplift your home. 


My contact details are:


Telephone/text/whatsapp: 00353 862719292



River Holistic Centre Raheny Dublin
Dublin, Ireland + Google Map