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Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant IPHM Accredited Training: 6 or 12 Month Immersion with Sue Holmes

May 1, 2021 @ 4:30 pm - April 3, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

£1500 – £2500

This is a deep dive immersion online training that offers a shamanic and holistic approach to space clearing and land healing from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

Within 6 months you will certify as a Shamanic Space Clearing Practitioner and in another 6 months as Advanced Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy Practitioner.

Accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).


  1. Practitioner – Space clear yourself, your home and life. Empower & cleanse your energy field.
  2. Healer – Sense energy – detect all the stories that people carry and buildings are imprinted with. Heal spaces working with the elements & sound healing.
  3. Ceremonialist – Create altars, hold sacred space. Facilitate powerful rituals & beautiful ceremonies.
  4. Geomancer – Connect with nature spirits. Work with dowsing, crystals & earth acupuncture to harmonise geopathic stress in the land.
  5. Shaman – Shamanic journeying for guidance & ‘medicine’ and merge with your spirit allies to carry out divination and healing, including spirit release where necessary.
  6. Consultant – Professional practise: organisation, communication, marketing.


  • Meditation practices that support personal awakening, intuition & awareness.
  • The arts of ritual, ceremony and healing.
  • Working with intentions, the elements, sacred geometry and sound.
  • How to sense energy.
  • Psychic protection.
  • Shamanic journeying, partnership with spirit guides, divination & spirit release.
  • Dowsing, geomancy & earth acupuncture.
  • Feng shui: classical form & intuitive.
  • Healthy Buildings eg care with EMFs.
  • Professional practise: consulting with clients, safety & ethics and how to promote and share your work.


We will have 2 x 90 minute teaching sessions one weekend a month at           
16:30 – 18:00 UK time. There will be extensive video lectures, method notes, healing demonstrations, practise sessions, case studies, assignments, group and 1 to 1 support so that you will gain all the training, guidance and experience to launch your career as a professional Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant.

Sue Holmes supports you throughout the 1 year training and beyond.

Contact: info@themodernshamanacademy.com


Sue Holmes is world-renowned healer, teacher, ceremonialist & mentor. She brings the inspiration of her personal transformation; experience of countless healing ceremonies from several cultures, tribes and traditions from around the world and twenty five years as a healer, teacher & consultant. Sue is known for her ability to weave shamanic skills and profound transformation with deep humanity, playfulness and humour. She is a seeker of truth, a singer-songwriter and currently writing her first novel.


  1. ‘Life-changing! Deep & detailed course. Variety of scope. Everything has worked by practice & from direct experience. Thank you Sue, with love’. Sophia Barta di Albufera,Space clearing & geomancy consultant, London.
  2. ‘I am so glad I did this course, it has deepened my trust & intuition & given me new skills too, and I love it. This work is so powerful & the feedback enriching. So deeply grateful Sue Holmes for the teachings & support.’Zena Boutayeb,Acupuncturist, Kambo Practitioner, Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant, Manchester.
  3. ‘I travelled from the US because I couldn’t find any type of space clearing training this deep in the states. Sue is a great teacher, down to earth and very knowledgeable. I am grateful to have been part of her class’.Holly, Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy ConsultantNew York
  4. ‘In 2019 I had the pleasure to join the Space Clearing & Geomancy training in Portugal. Sue shared her knowledge and experience accumulated in the last 20 years around the world, with so much passion, presence and integrity that it deeply touched us students. The many different and interesting aspects of the training were presented clearly, giving us the chance to learn and practice under her attentive guidance. I enjoyed learning about the subtle energies, rituals, ceremonies involved in space clearing and the practical advice on how to promote and run a business. I felt encouraged and supported the whole time. I have the greatest respect for such a competent and loving teacher’. Haritama Pitzalis, Massage practitioner – London & Swansea
  5. ‘In my work, as an architect, I have always felt the need to honour the earth whenever we implement a new construction and, also to bring new energy to the rehabilitated spaces. In search of this knowledge, I met Sue at the ‘International Feng Shui Conference’ (2018) in Lisbon where she gave a very interesting talk on the topic. I wanted to learn from that ‘power woman’ and the following year we joined a group and went to Solar do Pouchão (Manor House) to learn Space Clearing. What a fantastic experience!! I learned to feel the various forms of energy and to do the necessary healings with respect and love, using various techniques and instruments. Endowed with immense wisdom, disciplined in class and at the same time super fun are the characteristics that make Sue a great professional, an excellent teacher and an incredible, delightful human being.’ Paula Albuquerque,Architect, Aveiro, Portugal

Contact: info@themodernshamanacademy.com

Course fees: 

  • Space Clearing Consultant Training – Six month immersion – from £1500 Early Bird
  • Advanced Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant – One year immersion – from £2500 Early Bird