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Professional Feng Shui Training Course Feng Shui Living Training with the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS)

January 19 @ 10:30 am - June 29 @ 5:00 pm

FSL-ECOFS Professional Feng Shui Training Course
6 months intensive Course starting 19 January -29 June 2024
Combined Interactive Live Zoom and Classroom Hybrid Teaching

Study authentic classical Feng Shui practitioner training with Chinese born and trained world expert Howard Choy and Sylvia Bennett FSSA teacher and consultant. This exceptionally in-depth course delivers the highest standard of quality teaching, including topics rarely taught elsewhere, with genuine Chinese classical theory, practical contemporary applications and many real life case studies.

The course provides a full 28 days/190 hours of teaching in 14 modules. Twelve 2 days modules and a 1 day post exam module will be taught interactively live on Zoom. The 3 days exam module leading to certification will be taught face to face in the classroom in the picturesque historical town of Ry n Sussex UK. Alternative exam arrangements can be made for international students who are unable to attend in person.

Teaching is structured flexibly in progressive stages to ensure that students gain a thorough understanding of all the major classical Feng Shui schools and methodologies and how to apply them correctly and effectively. Earlier learning is reinforced and extended by introducing additional topics and more complex methodologies as well as report writing, professional ethics and the skills required to become a confident, competent practitioner. This meticulous approach will give you the very best learning opportunity to assimilate and develop your knowledge.

Substantial reference manuals, class material, case studies and presentation recordings are provided. So students who miss any session, or who have not grasped everything during a class can easily catch up between modules. Mentoring is also freely available throughout the course and for a full year afterwards.

We both have a straight forward, realistic approach to teaching the traditional principles of authentic Chinese Feng Shui. Our style is practical, modern and friendly, ensuring that your studies are agreeable and successful. Students’ feedback about their positive learning outcomes and post-graduate progress has reassured us that our zoom teaching is effective and enjoyable.

Visit our website to view the full course content, fees and class dates:

Please contact Sylvia Bennett to enrol, register interest, request more details or chat about the course:
sylvia@fengshui-living.com +44 (0) 7779 139187

Sylvia says There is no one better qualified to teach the complex subject of genuine Feng Shui than the world-recognised expert Howard Choy with 45 years of fully researched Feng Shui knowledge. He is also a practicing architect and a QiGong master. Our joint aim is to deliver an exceptionally worthwhile course and the very best Feng Shui training available anywhere in the world. http://www.fengshui-living.com/coursesdetails



Sylvia Bennett
07779 139187 / 020 7419 7828