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International Feng Shui Course | Level 1 | IMP

September 29, 2019 @ 10:00 am - October 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Feng Shui Teachers: Simon Brown, Sofia Batalha, Teresa Borges de Sousa and Silvia Oller



Venue:  Lisbon, Portugal

Dates Level 1: 29th of September – 13th of October 2019

Course Fees:

  • until the 30th June 2019 – 1790€
  • From the 1st of July until the 31st of July 2019 – 1890€
  • From the 1st of August until the 13th of October 2019 – 1990€

To guarantee your vacancy please make sure you provide the payment of 25% of the total amount. The last 75% should be payed until the first day of the course. We reserve the right to cancel the course if there are less than 10 registrations. In case of cancellation, full refund is granted.


The renowned IMP feng shui course is now presented as an international intensive course in English. This course is taught by leading, highly experienced, feng shui teachers include well known authors, consultants and members of the Feng Shui Society. This course has been approved by the Feng Shui Society so that successful students can be automatically accredited as a feng shui consultant by the Feng Shui Society. The curriculum has been carefully developed over 23 years.

The course is in sunny Lisbon and located in the beautiful historic centre. The course includes trips to local shops, cafes, restaurants, museums and public spaces to get real life experience of applying feng shui. The course is offered in 2 parts. Level 1 focusses on learning key principles, theories and techniques so students can apply feng shui to their own home. The course includes using the students floor plans, photographs and addresses to apply feng shui to each student’s home and life.

The second part of the course focusses on teaching students to become a feng shui consultant. Here the education is concentrated on applying feng shui to homes, shops, offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as the techniques of giving a feng shui consultation, writing reports and work with clients. Level 2 dates will be announced soon.

The advantage of studying feng shui with a well organised team of teachers is that each teacher is able to introduce variations on the styles of feng shui and offer their expertise in specific areas of feng shui. This provides a more complete education where students have the freedom to develop their own style, whether more academic, practical, aesthetic or therapeutic, with the support of the teachers.


. All classes are given in English.
. Equivalence to the Annual Feng Shui Course, Level I.
. The course includes: lunch, handouts, and certificate of participation


Feng means wind and Shui literally means water. It is likely these words were chosen to describe the flow of chi (a vital energy present in everything), and to show that we are part of nature and connected to everything, by the continuous flow of wind (air) and water through our bodies.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that observes the influence of time and space on our lives. Its main function is to help us succeed in life. Using feng shui we can help make changes to ourselves in terms of our thinking, emotions and behaviours. These changes can result in greater success in terms of our careers, relationships, health and enjoyment of life. In practice feng shui can lead to better sleep, less stress, greater focus, feeling happier at home, greater inspiration and a more natural environment.

The practice focusses on the experience and observation of the here and now. An observation and multi-dimensional analysis (energy, emotional, psychological, aesthetic and physical) of a house or land. This study of the human relationship with nature helps us discover ways in which we can work with nature and even use nature’s cycles to do more in life with less effort.

In a modern context feng shui is being used for the design of airports, corporate offices, shops and houses. For example, Simon has been deeply involved in the design of the British Airways Waterside Headquarters, the T2G Paris Airport terminal, The Body Shop redesign and Mandali Retreat Village. Research is showing how feng shui can influence people in their homes or workplace and the course includes evidence based feng shui.

Feng shui can be applied in different ways, such has:


To arrange your home so it is more supportive to being successful in life. This does not cost very much to implement and requires minimal changes to a home. It can include plants, water features, images, changing the positioning of furniture and other items, fresh flowers, sea salt, candles as well as reducing EMF.
Working within the domestic symbolical realm, following the inhabitant’s rhythms and cycles is another powerful form of healing the space. Here the home can influence the unconscious mind and trigger responses that are not known in the conscious mind but felt by the people living there.


Use this option when you wish to use feng shui to help decorate or renovate a home in a way that creates the ideal atmosphere to be happy. This includes the choice of colours, flooring, lighting, layout of rooms, placement of kitchens and bathrooms, along with the items used in a healing feng shui. This option can be used working alongside architects and interior designers.


For new build projects we can use feng shui to create plans for the ideal home. This includes the orientation of the home, layout of rooms, entrances, windows, materials, eco heating, along with items from feng shui design and healing feng shui.


The course combines the principles of feng shui with the various calculations to assess a home and the people living there, along with the development of the sensitivity, consciousness and awareness of chi, to include intuition in the creation of happy, healthy and harmonious living or working spaces.

The first level concentrates on the traditional basic concepts and the contemporary approaches, focusing on understanding how feng shui works and reasoning behind the principles, so that students can apply the original theories freely and able to be experimental, creative and open minded, rather than just follow rules.

This first level is focussed on helping students learn feng shui and apply it to their own life. The second level prepares them to become a feng shui consultant. Students will have a holistic understanding of feng shui that includes a range of styles. This allows some students to choose a more academic classical style, some a more functional, practical design orientated style and others a more intuitive style based on sensing chi.

The trainees enrolled in this course, learn the tools to carry out consultations, analysis and interpretations of the space and its inhabitants. Students will also have basis for a lively and constructive analysis of their own development.

Each level consists of 14 days with 104 hours of tuition, taught in English. For each level there will be a maximum of 16 students.

The IMP Feng Shui School is set in Chiado in the heart of the beautiful, sunny Lisbon, surrounded by hotels, hostels, B&B and apartments for short term rent.


Feng Shui Principles:

  • Chi
  • YinYang
  • 5 Elements / Transformations
  • Trigrams and compass directions
  • Human conscious and unconscious relationships with the home
  • Choosing the best time to make decisions and implement them
  • Using the LoPan compass
  • Feng shui astrology
  • Evidence based feng shui


  • Changing the chi of a home
  • Changing the chi of the people
  • Colours, plants, images, decoration
  • Layout and position of furniture
  • EMF adjustments
  • Arrangement of rooms
  • Design, architecture and interior design
  • Chi changing foods, practices and activities


  • Apartments
  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Cafes and restaurants


* Full detailed program to be announced soon.


The aim of LEVEL 1 is to help you apply feng shui to your own life so that you can support yourself in making positive changes to your life. You will be encouraged to experiment with your own home during and after the course so you can benefit from the help and support of your teachers.

The aim of LEVEL 2 is to train you to become a feng shui consultant. You can then apply your training to working with other people. This can be purely in terms of feng shui or as an addition to similar work, such as architecture, interior design, therapies, yoga, tai chi, bodywork or healing. Level 2 dates will be announced soon.


The IMP is a training entity certified by DGERT, the official body responsible for the certification system and for enhancing the quality of vocational training in Portugal.

The course is approved by the Feng Shui Society. With the additional tutorial to help you apply feng shui to 3 different properties you will be accepted as an accredited feng shui consultant by the Feng Shui Society.


Contact us for further information: info@institutomacrobiotico.com or (+351) 21 324 22 90




September 29, 2019 @ 10:00 am
October 13, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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