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FREE Webinar: Mastering Self Healing with the Longevity Diet: with Roger Green

October 3, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Roger Green is a modern holistic health pioneer who has been mastering and teaching Eastern and Western healing techniques for over 4 decades and worldwide. After opening one of the first alternative healing clinics in Sydney in the 1970’s, he went on to teaching holistic healing, Feng Shui, and longevity science through his Academy Healing Nutrition. Roger is also actively involved in the development of different technologies for natural healing, longevity research, and renewable energy.

Having originally launched in Sydney in the 1970s, Roger’s Academy runs one-year health coaching programmes in his New York and London schools and since 2021, these are now successfully delivered online. Roger is travelling to London from Sydney in July and has agreed to present a webinar while in the UK time zone.

The Academy’s diet is not just another healthy heating fad in fact, you will learn that many of your favourite healthy foods might not actually be so good for you …. it all depends on when you eat them. Two big conversations missing from the endless narratives about healthy food is seasonal eating and the energetics of food.

Much of the knowledge in the Longevity Diet comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM (and also Indian Ayurveda), both of which have thousands of years of history.

A foundational approach to eating according to these time-tested recipes, is acknowledging the thermal nature of food. Eating your beloved healthy fruit smoothie in the cold months of winter does great harm to your digestive system which is like an inner furnace needing warmer, cooked foods as essential fuel. At the core of the Longevity Diet is recognising the energetic nature and quality of foods and once you have an understanding of that, then you can choose the right foods for you. You literally prescribe your own medicine with every meal you prepare and eat.

Roger steers people away from extreme eating, following popular fads and calorie counting and towards the timeless wisdom of traditional, sustainable, local, seasonal, balanced and nourishing food choices that you can adapt to your own constitution. With the right knowledge you can start to make your food as medicine and not only improve your longevity expectations but also recover from chronic health conditions and take charge of your own wellness.

The webinar is free 7pm to 8.30pm. Monday 3rd October 2022.

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